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The Lost Dive of May Jones in Little River Springs

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Incident Location Diver Full Name Little River Springs, Florida, USA May Jones Two experienced divers embark on a mission to dive to the well casing located at 1,976 FT within the Little River Springs. Despite the risks associated with such dives, they remain undeterred. Little River Springs, nestled in Florida’s Suwannee River County Park, offers diverse […]

Han Ting Vanishes in the Abyss of Jiudun Cave!

Categories: Asia diving accidents, Cave diving

Incident Location Diver Full Name Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Du’an, Jiudun village Han Ting Renowned diver Han Ting has gone missing while exploring the depths of a cave in Jiudun village, located in Du’an, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region in southern China. Diving into the Unknown Han Ting was last seen submerging into the cave on […]