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The Maria Concordia Mine Tragedy

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Incident Location Diver Full Names Maria Concordia Mine, Sobótka, Lower Silesia, Poland Not available A Fateful Dive In the quiet town of Sobótka, nestled in Lower Silesia, lies the Maria Concordia magnesite mine, a relic of a bygone era. Abandoned for decades, its depths have become a haunting playground for thrill-seeking divers, despite the dangers […]

Rescuing Modesto Vericetti: Depths of the Westralia and East Extension Gold Mine

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On Tuesday, March 19th, 1907, the Colgardi District of Western Australia faced an unprecedented disaster due to heavy and unseasonal rainfall. The nearby town of Bonneville, in particular, was hit by torrential rain that had dire consequences. The Westralia and East Extension Gold Mine, despite efforts to secure its opening, was inundated with water, bringing […]