The Lost Dive of May Jones in Little River Springs

The Lost Dive of May Jones in Little River Springs
Incident LocationDiver Full Name
Little River Springs, Florida, USAMay Jones

Two experienced divers embark on a mission to dive to the well casing located at 1,976 FT within the Little River Springs. Despite the risks associated with such dives, they remain undeterred. Little River Springs, nestled in Florida’s Suwannee River County Park, offers diverse activities including snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving.

Description of Little River Springs

Little River Springs covers about 125 acres of land and maintains a constant temperature of 72°F. Unlike the nearby Suwannee River, its water is clear, making it a popular spot for divers. The cave system within the spring stretches over 1200 ft, offering various challenges and exploration opportunities.

Background of the Divers

May Jones and Luke, both passionate about diving, planned their dive meticulously. May, a marine biologist with a love for cave diving, met Luke, who shared her enthusiasm. Together, they had embarked on numerous diving adventures, establishing themselves in the cave diving community.

Dive Preparation and Equipment

Arriving at the dive spot early in the morning, May and Luke commenced their dive equipped with scooters to cover more distance underwater efficiently. Following the main line and utilizing shortcut tunnels, they aimed to reach the well casing located deep within the cave. Each diver monitored their air supply, prepared to turn back once one-third was depleted.

Unforeseen Challenges

Despite their experience, May and Luke encountered challenges as they navigated through the cave’s intricate tunnels. In the Dome room, May faced issues with her buoyancy device, which Luke promptly resolved. Proceeding towards the well casing, they encountered muddy silt, complicating their journey.

Critical Moments

Upon reaching their destination, Luke signaled to start their return journey. However, he noticed May’s uneasiness but assumed it was due to earlier equipment troubles. As they exited a tunnel, Luke realized May was not following. Concerned, he waited, but she didn’t emerge. Realizing he was alone, he began to grasp the severity of the situation.

May’s absence left Luke bewildered and worried in the dark underwater cave. Despite their preparation and experience, they faced unforeseen circumstances, highlighting the inherent risks of cave diving. This dive would forever change their perception of the unpredictable underwater world.

Without him noticing, confusion clouded his mind as he tried to recall exactly when she had stopped following him. Deciding to backtrack to the well casing where they had been together, he hoped he might find her along the way. However, the area had become filled with silt, drastically reducing visibility.

Increasing Panic and Desperation

Luke’s efforts to find May amidst the murky water were in vain, fueling panic and anxiety. Alone in the depths of the cave, he resorted to banging on his tank, hoping she would hear and return to him. However, with decompression time adding up, he knew he had to start his ascent soon.

Heart-Wrenching Realization

Swimming toward the surface, Luke prayed for a miracle, hoping May had already made her way out. Yet, upon reaching the surface and finding no sign of her, his worst fear became a reality. Desperate, he called for help from nearby divers, initiating a rescue operation.

Tragic Discovery

Despite the determined efforts of the rescue team, the poor visibility and risky conditions hindered their search. Tragically, they discovered May’s lifeless body tangled in a loose line the next day. Her passing deeply impacted the cave diving community and especially devastated Luke.

Legacy of Passion and Remembrance

May’s untimely death served as a stark reminder of the dangers inherent in cave diving. Yet, her passion for exploration and diving continued to inspire others. While her passing was a loss, her memory would live on, cherished by those who knew and loved her.

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