The Tragic Tale of Joseph Dragovich – Exploring the Mysteries of Spiegel Grove

The Tragic Tale of Joseph Dragovich – Exploring the Mysteries of Spiegel Grove
Incident LocationDiver Full Names (Deceased)
Florida Keys, KilargoJoseph Dragovich

Submerged in 2002 to become an artificial reef, the USS Spiegel Grove awaits exploration by diving enthusiasts. This colossal ship, with its rich naval history, now serves as a captivating habitat for marine life and a thrilling destination for divers of varying skill levels. Let’s dive into the depths of the Spiegel Grove, where history and underwater adventure converge.

On October 17th, 2013, another tragedy struck when Joseph Dragojevic and James Dormy were on a commercial charter boat above the Spiegel Grove, 60 ft from the surface. Listening to their dive captain, Kimberly Chapman, the events leading to this incident are yet to be revealed.

The Dive Briefing

The dive captain explicitly communicated a no-penetration and no-decompression rule for the upcoming dive. Despite this, Joseph and James decided to leave the group and explore the engine room. Both experienced technical divers, they had successfully completed a penetration dive earlier that day.

Double Dipping Dive

While the group explored the wreckage, Joseph and James ventured into the ship’s interior, tying a guideline behind them for a secure path back. Despite kicking up silt, they explored multiple levels without issues. As they signaled readiness to exit, James led the way along the guideline, but a tragedy unfolded during the ascent.

Joseph’s Disappearance

As James pulled the guideline, he discovered it tangled in debris. Joseph, who should have been at the end, was missing. Searching in the murky water revealed nothing. James, low on oxygen, surfaced and reported Joseph missing. A search and recovery mission commenced, spanning through the night and into the next day.

Discovery and Nitrogen Narcosis

Joseph’s body was eventually found, and it was determined that nitrogen narcosis played a role. The divers had different gas mixes for their main and decompression tanks. As they ascended, Joseph, affected by narcosis, deviated from the guideline and got lost. His son, also a diver, highlighted the dangers of deviating from the buddy system.

Personal Reflections

A poignant message from Joseph’s son emphasized the impact of nitrogen narcosis on decision-making. He stressed the importance of maintaining visual contact and criticized the choice to explore the ship’s interior. The tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with underwater exploration and the critical role of adhering to established safety protocols.

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What is Spiegel Grove?

Spiegel Grove is a sunken naval ship off the Florida Keys, transformed into an artificial reef and popular diving site.

What happened during Joseph and James’ dive?

Despite a no-penetration rule, they explored the ship’s interior. Joseph tragically got lost during the ascent due to nitrogen narcosis.

What precautions can divers take?

Maintain visual contact, follow guidelines, and prioritize safety. Always adhere to dive plans and stay vigilant during underwater exploration.

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