Diving accidents

The Kilsby Sinkhole: A Dangerous Diving Location

Categories: Australia diving accidents, Cave diving

Location Diver Names South Australia, Kilsby Sinkhole Brett, Patrick, George, Carrie, Dr. Robert McAllister Two incidents, one location – The Kilsby Sinkhole. Eighteen-year-olds Patrick and Brett decided to go to the Kilsby Sinkhole for a leisurely dive with their friends. They descended into the cave, and when the next diver tried to follow them, the […]

Beneath the Depths: Julian McDonald Journey and Steve Jackson Sacrifice in the Yucatan Caves

Categories: Cave diving, North America diving accidents

Incident Location Diver Names Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico Julian McDonald, Steve Jackson Two military men went to explore the depths of the Yucatan Peninsula in southern Mexico. On their way out, they got lost in the passages and couldn’t locate the exit. While searching for an exit, they kicked up silt, thereby drastically reducing visibility. Will […]