Rich Siaba and Kevin Lynn’s Dive into Darkness at Madison Blue Springs

Rich Siaba and Kevin Lynn’s Dive into Darkness at Madison Blue Springs
Incident LocationDiver Full Names
Madison Blue Springs, Florida, USARich Seiba and Kevin Lynn

In the world of cave diving, Rich Siaba and Kevin Lynn embarked on what was supposed to be a routine exploration of Madison Blue Springs in Florida. However, their adventure took a perilous turn, leading to a series of underwater challenges that pushed their skills and preparation to the limit.

Experienced Cave Divers

Rich and Kevin were seasoned cave divers, well-aware of the inherent risks associated with exploring underwater caves. The unique challenges of cave diving include deep waters, sharp rocks, and constricted passages that amplify regular diving difficulties. Despite these obstacles, the duo was well-prepared, holding cave certifications that required extensive training and experience.

Preparation and Arrival

Arriving at Madison Blue Springs, the divers chose a campground on the Wht Luchi River’s West Bank. Their cautious approach extended to their choice of gear, including three reels of line per person for added safety. The pair brought a full set of cave-ready equipment, featuring classic back plates, wings, lights, and nitrox computers capable of relaying essential diving information.

Into the Depths

Dressed in their diving gear, Rich and Kevin entered the clear and warm waters of Madison Blue Springs. The initial underwater journey seemed promising as they navigated through rocky tunnels and observed aquatic ocean fossils embedded in the limestone floors.

The Horseshoe Room

Their path led to The Horseshoe Room, a large chamber with stone structures dividing it. At this point, divers could choose to explore side passages, including the intriguing Godzilla and Monkey rooms. The journey continued through the main tunnel, eventually reaching the challenging Rocky Horror section known for its narrow twists and tight bends.

Choosing the Left Fork

Faced with the claustrophobic challenges of Rocky Horror, Rich and Kevin opted for the left fork, entering the Roto Router passage with a depth of 78 ft. Their safety-first mentality led them to turn around at this point, ensuring they had ample resources to navigate back.

Silt Out

As they retraced their path through the half hitch, a restriction too narrow for side-by-side passage, the water’s flow intensified, causing a silt out. Visibility plummeted, and the dark particles in the water created hazardous conditions. In an attempt to navigate through the restriction, the divers lost their guideline.

In the midst of this silt out, the person in front lost the guideline, a common occurrence in cave diving.

Safety Measures and Struggles

To address the guideline loss, Rich and Kevin deployed safety lines, tying themselves to the known end of the guideline. The plan was to extend outward in different directions until they found the other end and a path to safety. However, the silt out intensified with every movement, making the search increasingly difficult. As they felt around the ground for the guideline, rising sand added to their struggles. The necessity to repeatedly pass through the half hitch restriction further complicated their predicament.

cave divers faced a series of challenges that made their already difficult dive even more perilous. The low visibility compounded their troubles as they encountered issues with their diving gear. The gear became entangled, forcing them to temporarily unhook it for repairs. Additionally, they got disoriented while trying to follow the cave wall, rendering their watches useless. Amidst these complications, they were dealing with three life-threatening problems simultaneously.

Navigating Through the Abyss

Despite zero visibility and the absence of a guiding line, the experienced cave divers relied on their expert caving knowledge to persevere through the restrictions. Close together, they managed to stay on the right path. Fortunately, they found the downstream line, providing a lifeline for their progress. However, another disaster struck when the frayed end of the guideline tangled around them, impeding their movements and causing further complications.

A Race Against Time: Underwater for Two Hours

With nearly two hours underwater and approaching their air limit, panic set in. Rich and Kevin, trained for individual challenges, found themselves overwhelmed by the compounding issues. Cutting through their lines in desperation, they signaled to each other that something was seriously wrong.

Emergency Response and Rescuers

The next morning, the staff at Maddison Blue Springs discovered Rich and Kevin’s cars parked in the same spot as the day before. Alarmed, they immediately called Emergency Services, initiating a rescue operation. Three skilled cave divers, including an influential figure in cave diving, responded to the call.


  1. Lamar Hires: President and CEO of Dive Right Company
    • Completed over one thousand dives in just five years
    • Contributed to cave mapping in Florida
    • Inventor of innovative scuba technology, including the Classic Wing
    • Collaborated with Seiko Epson for the first programmable nitrox computer
    • Continued innovations, such as an optimized rebreather in 2020
  2. Mike Bruic: Campground owner, part of the rescue team
  3. Tony Flaris: National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section
Lamar Hires
Lamar Hires
Tony Flaris
Tony Flaris

Rescue Operation

The rescue divers divided into groups, with one tackling the side passages in the Godzilla room. The collaboration between experienced divers and innovative technology played a crucial role in addressing the challenges faced by Rich and Kevin, highlighting the importance of preparation, expertise, and quick thinking in cave diving emergencies.

The Search for Hope

By the time Tony and Mike reached the main route, there lingered a sense of uncertainty. The broken main guideline hinted at ominous possibilities. Hope persisted that the missing divers might have embarked on a second dive or camped above ground. The divers pressed on, navigating the challenges of the cave, including the half hitch restriction at 850 ft.

A Haunting Discovery

Amidst the eerie silence of the cave, Tony and Mike stumbled upon a disheartening scene. Kevin and Rich, entangled in the permanent guideline, faced each other in a poignant tableau. One diver suspended in his wet suit, tanks and harness removed, while the other remained fully equipped. The friends seemed frozen in a final embrace, a heartbreaking tableau of camaraderie and impending tragedy.

The Desperate Struggle

As the rescuers processed the grim reality, it became clear that Kevin and Rich had succumbed to the unforgiving depths. Their futile attempts to extract a final breath from spent tanks left a lasting image. The once-clear Limestone and Blue Waters faded into an abyss as they breathed their last, the cave claiming their final heartbeats.

Unraveling the Mystery

Focused on gathering evidence, the rescue team inspected the diving gear. One set of gear was out of air but functional, while the other had 500 PSI remaining. Despite being low, it was enough to raise questions. Was it panic that led one diver to the brink as he witnessed his friend’s demise? The team worked diligently to reconnect the main guideline, piecing together the puzzle of broken lines and potential confusion.

Missed Opportunities

Past the restriction, the main line revealed itself, entwined with several others. The possibility arose that the line was already broken, and Kevin and Rich failed to notice or became disoriented in the silt. The rescue divers concluded that no other divers had ventured into the cave that Sunday. The tragedy underscored the importance of timely coordination, as the lost time searching for the guideline could have made a difference for additional groups.

Personal Reflections

Tony, intimately connected to the tragedy, shared a firsthand account. Having recently dived with Rich, he attested to his good-hearted nature and cautious approach to diving. Rich’s funeral drew fellow cave divers and rescuers, a somber gathering to pay respects. The cave’s overwhelming power serves as a stark reminder that, despite poor choices, cave divers are human, loved by others, and deeply missed.

As the tale unfolds, it prompts reflection on the fragility of life in the subterranean world. The tragic end serves as a poignant reminder that, even in the face of perilous choices, cave divers are more than adventurers—they are people, cherished by those who mourn their loss.

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What is the water temperature in the cave?

Madison Blue Springs maintains a clear and warm underwater environment, providing a comfortable diving experience.

How deep is Madison Blue Spring’s cave?

130 ft deep.

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