The Henry McCall Story – Exploring the Shaft Sinkhole

The Henry McCall Story – Exploring the Shaft Sinkhole
Incident LocationDiver Full Name
South Australia, Mount GambierHenry McCall

In this story, we follow the gripping tale of two friends who set out to explore the enigmatic depths of the Shaft Sinkhole. Equipped with their diving gear and a thirst for adventure, they venture into the darkness of underwater caves. However, what begins as an exciting journey takes a tragic turn that highlights the risks and challenges of cave diving.

The Discovery of the Shaft Sinkhole

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Two friends who had recently been certified as cave divers decided to explore the Shaft Sinkhole. Their dive plan involved staging extra diving tanks along the way and proceeding with a single tank. Unfortunately, one of the divers becomes entangled in loose guidelines, facing a dire situation with limited air supply.

The Extraordinary Secret of the Farm

Situated in South Australia near Mount Gambier, an unassuming farm conceals an extraordinary secret – the Shaft Sinkhole. Discovered by Trevor Ashby, this deep pit reaches an astounding depth of at least 393 feet. The discovery came about when a horse accidentally stepped through the ground’s surface, revealing the hidden abyss beneath. Efforts to fill the void proved futile, highlighting the vastness of the hole.

Navigating the Dark and Perilous Caves

Venturing into underwater caves engulfs divers in absolute darkness. The tunnels stretch in countless directions, forming a confusing maze that poses the risk of getting lost. The Shaft Sinkhole, with its exceptional darkness and unmatched depth, stands as a challenging location for cave divers. It has also become a training site for South Australia police water operations to enhance their skills in underwater search and rescue.

Henry McCall: A Fearless Explorer

Henry McCall, a retired physical education teacher, was known for his adventurous spirit. Growing up, he faced challenges such as falling off horses but never gave up on his dreams. After retiring, he developed a passion for underwater exploration and obtained certification as a professional cave diver. His fearless nature led him to plan a cave diving expedition in the Shaft Sinkhole.

The Ill-Fated Dive

Despite his wife Karen’s premonitions, Henry embarked on the dive. Alongside his friend Eric, who shared his adventurous spirit, they meticulously prepared their diving gear. Equipped with scuba gear and diving tanks, they headed into the depths of the cave, excited to explore the hidden world beneath the surface.

A Tragic Turn of Events

As they reached a depth of 98 feet, the divers encountered a dangerous situation. Henry became trapped in a loose guideline, leading to panic. Their decision to stage extra tanks along the route proved unwise, as they needed the additional air immediately. Eric’s efforts to free Henry were in vain, and tragedy struck as Henry ran out of air, succumbing to the entanglement.

Desperate Decisions and Heartbreaking Loss

Faced with the grim reality, Eric had to make the difficult choice of leaving his friend behind and ascending to reach extra tanks. However, upon returning, he discovered Henry’s tragic fate. Overwhelmed with grief, Eric had to resurface, neglecting the necessary decompression stops due to shock. Eric’s rescue and Henry’s recovery became the focal point of a grieving community.

Lessons from a Tragic Experience

The tragic loss of Henry serves as a reminder of the risks associated with cave diving. Proper safety measures, thorough training, and adherence to established protocols are essential for those engaging in such adventures. The diving community mourns the loss of a fearless explorer and acknowledges the dangers inherent in exploring the depths of underwater caves.

The story of the Shaft Sinkhole tragedy underscores the challenges and risks that cave divers face. This tale serves as a tribute to Henry’s adventurous spirit while urging caution and preparedness for anyone venturing into the mesmerizing yet treacherous world of underwater cave exploration.

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What is the Shaft Sinkhole?

The Shaft Sinkhole is a deep pit near Mount Gambier in South Australia, discovered by Trevor Ashby on his family farm.

Who were the divers involved in the incident?

The diver who tragically lost his life was Henry McCall.

Why did the divers place extra tanks along their route?

Henry and Eric placed extra tanks for additional air supply during their cave diving expedition.

What went wrong during the dive?

Henry got entangled in a loose guideline at a depth of 82 feet, leading to a fatal accident.

How did the incident impact the diving community?

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks in cave diving, highlighting the importance of safety measures and preparedness.

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