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The Shaft Cave is an underwater cave that is considered one of the most dangerous underwater caves in the world. It is located near Mount Gambier in South Australia. The cave is more than 120 meters deep, and it can only be accessed via an opening in a grass-covered field. The cave system is overwhelmingly dark, and the tunnels are so many that divers can easily get lost, and getting lost in such a cave is synonymous with drowning. 

The Shaft is like nothing most divers have ever seen before, and it is not suited for beginners. The dive requires the diver to disrobe because of the manhole at the start of the dive. Cave diving is a hazardous activity that carries significant inherent risks of personal harm or injury, including death.

  • Region: South Australia
  • Coordinates: 38.001242, 140.710633
  • Depth: 393 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

What makes The Shaft Cave a dangerous dive site

The Shaft Cave is considered one of the most dangerous underwater caves in the world. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Depth: The cave is more than 120 meters deep, and divers have less time to deal with an issue in a deep cave. When a diver gets that deep, nitrogen narcosis begins to set in, which can alter the diver’s judgment, rendering them unable to make fast and good decisions.
  • Darkness: The cave is overwhelmingly dark, and visibility can be poor, making it easy for divers to get disoriented and lost.
  • Tight spaces: The cave system is narrow and has tight spaces, which can be challenging for divers to navigate.
  • Cold water: The water temperature in the cave is cold, which can cause hypothermia in divers who are not adequately protected.
  • Equipment failure: Equipment failure is a risk in any diving situation, but in a cave, it can be especially dangerous.
  • Getting trapped: One of the most significant dangers of cave diving is the risk of getting trapped. The Shaft Sinkhole is another dangerous dive site where divers have lost their lives.

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The Shaft cave map Australia
shaft map


How deep is the shaft in Australia?

The Shaft, plunging to a depth of 393 feet (120 m), proudly holds the title of being Australia’s deepest underwater cave. Divers gain entry by descending through a modest ground-level manhole, utilizing a metal tripod located above ground for this purpose.

Where is The Shaft Cave located?

The Shaft Cave is situated in South Australia and is accessible through a small opening in the middle of a field.

How do divers enter The Shaft Cave?

Divers gain entry to The Shaft Cave by being lowered through a ground-level manhole using a metal tripod located above ground.

What is the water temperature like in The Shaft Cave?

The Shaft Cave, is a constant 22°C/72°F. It’s important to note that water temperature can vary depending on the location and time of year, and it’s always recommended to check the water temperature before diving to ensure that you have the appropriate gear and protection.

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