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The Lost Dive of May Jones in Little River Springs

Categories: Cave diving, North America diving accidents

Incident Location Diver Full Name Little River Springs, Florida, USA May Jones Two experienced divers embark on a mission to dive to the well casing located at 1,976 FT within the Little River Springs. Despite the risks associated with such dives, they remain undeterred. Little River Springs, nestled in Florida’s Suwannee River County Park, offers diverse […]

The Spiegel Grove Abyss Claims Jonathan Walser, Scott Stanley, and Kevin Coughlin

Categories: North America diving accidents, Wreck diving

Incident Location Diver Full Names (Deceased) Florida Keys, Kilargo Jonathan Walser, Scott Stanley, Kevin Coughlin Diving at the Spiegel Grove, a renowned dive spot off the Florida Keys, attracts tens of thousands of recreational divers and tourists annually. While it is generally safe and exciting, occasional deviations from established rules can lead to tragic outcomes. […]