Admiral’s Cave Bermuda

Admiral’s Cave, situated in Hamilton Parish, stands as one of Bermuda’s expansive dry caves. The cavernous wonder boasts a large sinkhole entrance and two smaller openings, inviting explorers into its subterranean secrets.

  • Region: Hamilton
  • Coordinates: 32.351942, -64.716383
  • Depth:
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Underground Oasis: Lakes and Hidden Passages

Step into the depths of Admiral’s Cave, where several interconnected lakes grace the underground landscape, intricately linked to the sea through concealed passages. Uncover the mysteries hidden within the cave’s chambers, revealing an awe-inspiring connection to the vast ocean beyond.

Mineral Marvels: Stalagmites and Stalactites

Marvel at the breathtaking mineral formations adorning the cave—stalagmites rising from the floor and stalactites hanging gracefully from the ceiling. These geological wonders contribute to the unique charm and geological significance of Admiral’s Cave.

Historical Echoes: Admiral Sir David Milne’s Legacy

Learn about the cave’s historical significance tied to British Admiral Sir David Milne, who, stationed in Bermuda in the 1800s, transported formations back to England as souvenirs. The cave earned its name after the Admiral, and tales of his contributions add a fascinating layer to its allure.

Time’s Unseen Mark: Growth of Stalagmite Formations

Delve into the temporal narrative as Admiral’s Cave reveals a stalagmite formation, taken to England in 1819, estimated to have taken around 600,000 years to reach a towering height of 3 meters. Witness the geological legacy of time encapsulated within the cave’s formations.

Abandoned Beauty: A Cave with a Lost Tourism Appeal

While attempts were made in the 1800s to transform Admiral’s Cave into a show cave, it has long been abandoned by Bermuda’s Tourism Department. Today, intrepid explorers can venture into the depths at their own risk, sans guided tours. Equip yourself with a torchlight and immerse in the untouched allure of Admiral’s Cave, a hidden gem awaiting discovery.

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