Caves in New Zealand

Blue Creek Resurgence New Zealand

Blue Creek Resurgence, situated in the picturesque Nelson region atop the South Island, unveils a captivating karst formation dominated by marble and limestone. This geological wonderland sets the stage for remarkable underground adventures. Extensive Cave Systems: Nettlebed and Bulmer The Nelson region is famed for its extensive cave systems, notably the Nettlebed (24 km) and […]

Pearse Resurgence New Zealand

Nettlebed Cave, nestled in the Mount Arthur region of New Zealand’s enchanting northwest South Island, is a captivating limestone cave with a rich history of exploration. Until the discovery of the nearby Ellis Basin cave system in April 2010, it proudly held the title of the southern hemisphere’s deepest cave. Unveiling Nettlebed’s Depths Plunging a […]

Riwaka Resurgence New Zealand

Embark on the exploration of Riwaka Resurgence, a well-hidden gem conveniently located off the Motueka-Takaka Hill road. A mere 10-minute walk through the native bush picnic area reveals the entrance to this captivating cave. Preparation for the Journey Ensure a seamless journey along the narrow and steep path by gearing up at the car park […]