Caves in Portugal

Poio Portugal

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Almonda Portugal

Embark on an accessible adventure as you can conveniently park behind the Renova paper factory, which utilizes the spring’s water for production. Enjoy the journey without any entrance fees, making it a cost-effective exploration. Navigating the Entry: A Unique Challenge Almonda Cave offers two entry points — an artificial entrance through a tight vertical restriction […]

Pena Portugal

With Pena Cave, accessibility is a breeze — you can effortlessly drive a 4×4 right to the entrance gate, ensuring a smooth start to your subterranean adventure. Securing Entry: Key Insights Unlocking the mysteries of Pena Cave requires a key, held by the local firefighters in Minde. There’s no entrance fee, making it an accessible […]

Alviela Portugal

Accessing Alviela Cave is an adventurous feat, requiring negotiation through a short yet challenging 25m dry cave section. Brace yourself with 4m long ladders and ropes to reach the water, unlocking the gateway to one of Portugal’s major springs. Alviela: Historical Spring of Lisbon Once a vital water source for Lisbon, today, Alviela contributes to […]

Ancos Portugal

Finding your way to this cave is a breeze—park your car along the main road just 20 meters from the entrance. No need to worry about entrance fees, as it’s completely free. The journey into the cave begins with a narrow, meandering passage. As you descend through a well into the main tunnel, the space […]