Caves in Spain

Pozo Azul Spain

Pozo Azul stands out as Europe’s top choice for cave training, particularly favored by Spanish cave instructors. The entrance, located just 150 meters from the car park in the charming village of Covenera, North of Burgos, welcomes visitors with a clear blue basin. Scenic Exploration with Dry Sections The cave boasts a captivating 300-meter long […]

La Fuentona Spain

Nestled within the heart of nature lies La Fuentona, a charming small lake surrounded by mystery and allure. Locally known as “Ojo del Mar” (the eye of the sea), this hidden gem conceals a fascinating cave system beneath its serene surface. Dive into the Abyss: Unraveling the Secrets of La Fuentona’s Cave System Beneath the […]

Fuentenavina Spain

Embark on a journey to GAEM Cave with a convenient 150m walk from the car, following a dirt path beside the spring. As you approach the entrance, benches set up by GAEM, the local cave exploration group, offer a touch of comfort reminiscent of Florida and Yucatan explorations. The entrance, accessed through a horizontal fissure […]

Zarzalones Spain

Embarking on the exploration of GAE Cave is an adventurous feat, involving a challenging 200m walk down a towering 100m cliff. Despite the difficulty, there’s no entrance fee to experience the wonders within. Parking near the site requires access through a private road, emphasizing the need for a key to open the gates. Exploring the […]

Cueva del Agua Spain

Embark on an exploration of the enchanting Cueva del Agua, a captivating labyrinthic cave boasting striking beauty. The warm, tranquil waters contribute to the cave’s allure, creating sections with silt and mud, some of which were manually cleared by early explorers. Despite the less-than-ideal mainline, marked by peculiar stickers and arrows, the cave’s popularity among […]

Moraig Spain

Discover the charm of the Benitachell Underwater Cave, where access is surprisingly easy. While a swim in the sea is required to reach the entrance, no boat is necessary, offering a serene entry into the cave. Nestled in the picturesque village of Benitachell, near the beach car park, a protected basin provides a tranquil starting […]