Caves in Australia

Great Nowranie Cave Australia

Embark on an adventure through a vast canyon entrance, introducing you to the mysteries of an expansive high-level tunnel network. The journey begins with the allure of a large vertical hole, beckoning explorers into a meandering passage, eventually revealing a captivating water-filled fissure. Submerged Secrets: Navigating the Underwater Passage Dive into the underwater wonders as […]

Piccaninnie Ponds Australia

Explore the wonders of Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park, nestled just 30 kilometers southeast of Mount Gambier in the captivating Limestone Coast of South Australia. Unveiling crystal-clear waters filtered through limestone substrates for millennia, this park offers a unique landscape of interconnected ponds with fascinating underwater features. Two Enchanting Ponds: Natural Marvels Unveiled The main […]

Allendale Sinkhole Australia

Discover the fascinating geological wonder of the Allendale East Sinkhole, a distinctive feature in the heart of this small township. As the main Mount Gambier-Port MacDonnell “Bay Road” gracefully splits, this sinkhole captures attention with its 10-meter diameter collapse and a steep descent leading to a mesmerizing crescent-shaped pool, situated 6 meters below ground level. […]

Glenbawn Dam Australia

Explore the grand scale of a very large dam, stretching an impressive 22 kilometers in length and boasting a substantial width of 1.5 to 2 kilometers. This colossal water body unveils depths of up to 60 meters, providing a breathtaking panorama of aquatic wonders. Crystal-Clear Depths: Exploring Water Clarity of 3-6 Meters Delight in the […]

Gnamma Hole Australia

Embark on a mesmerizing journey as a 9m pitch beckons you to a captivating 5m diameter lake chamber. Beneath the surface lies a concealed underwater marvel—a small, silty cave extending from the lake, delving to an impressive depth of approximately 8m. Unveiling the 9m Pitch and the Enchanting Lake Chamber Discover the allure of a […]

Alleyns Cave Australia provides insights into the somber history of the Mud Hole Cave, a once seemingly insignificant cave that gained notoriety in October 1972. Tragically, the cave became infamous when three divers lost their lives after disturbing the silt-covered floor of a side-chamber without the essential safety measures. The Fateful Incident In a grim turn of […]

Olwolgin Cave Australia

Unveiled by dry cavers in April 2001, Olwolgin Cave embraced its underwater destiny in January 2002, revealing over 300 meters of submerged conduits. The subsequent exploration in February of the same year expanded the underwater passages to a staggering 1.3 kilometers, with ongoing leads and surveying awaiting completion. Unique Underwater Features Named after a nearby […]

Junee Cave Australia

Embark on an exploration of the “For Your Eyes Only” Resurgence, where frigid waters measuring a bone-chilling 6.5 degrees Celsius create a unique subterranean experience. Initial Sump Dive The first sump, with a depth of less than 20 meters and visibility ranging from 0 to 4 meters, sets the stage for an intriguing underwater journey. […]

Nurina Cave Australia

Situated east of Madura Pass, approximately 1400 kilometers east of Perth, Roe Plain Underwater Cave captivates explorers in the limestone-rich terrain. The cave benefits from the proximity of the limestone surface to the water table, creating a unique subterranean landscape. Intricate Fissure Network The underwater cave unfolds as a complex network of intersecting fissures, featuring […]

Slot Cave Australia

Slot Cave, nestled in the proximity of Olwolgin Cave on the Roe Plain south of Cocklebiddy, emerged into discovery thanks to Max Hall of Balladonia. The cave, first explored and dived in July 2003, promises a journey into the hidden depths of an underground realm. Diveable East End Pool The main chamber of Slot Cave […]