Caves in Ireland

Mermaid’s Hole Ireland

Explore the depths of Doolin Green Holes, a captivating saga of cave diving that unveils the mysteries of one of the longest marine caves globally. Pioneered by renowned cave divers, the exploration began with Ian Rolland’s groundbreaking 430m dive in 1987, leading to the discovery of Pirates Paradise, a dry chamber adorned with a fine […]

Pollnagossan Ireland

Embark on a captivating exploration of Taff’s Well sumps, a series of underwater passages that commenced at sump 1 and extended to the tenth sump. Martyn Farr initiated this underwater odyssey in 1979, venturing through the shallow 9-meter-long sump 1 and conquering the challenges of sump 2, a 135-meter dive in adverse conditions. A Challenging […]

Tir fo Thoinn / Joe’s Cave Ireland

Delve into the depths of marine cave exploration with insights from Fintan Convery’s article in Irish Speleology no14 from May 1991. The article, “Locating Marine Caves Using Geophysical VLF-EM Method,” sheds light on pioneering research conducted as part of an M.Sc. in Applied Geophysics, utilizing Marmaid’s Hole as a test site. Mapping Caves from Above: […]

Hell Complex Ireland

Experience the thrill of descending through Hells Kitchen by navigating the rift beneath a wedged boulder. This challenging yet exhilarating dive, outlined by, promises an unforgettable underwater adventure. Navigating Low Waters: Doolin Point’s Hidden Gems During low waters, embark on a unique journey by entering through a small bay nestled between the reef and […]

Poulatar Cavern Ireland

Kilgobnet Cavern stands as a distinctive spot in Ireland, truly earning the title of a cavern. Nestled in natural stone and filled with crystal clear water, the cavern’s beauty might momentarily transport you, challenging the typical expectations of underwater visibility in Ireland. Navigational Considerations: Smooth Rocks and Low Entrances Inside the cavern, smooth rocks define […]

Log na Sionna / Shannon Pot Ireland

In April 1971, J. V. Elliot and Roger Solari embarked on the first dive into the River Shannon Resurgence, discovering its mysteries and reaching a depth of -6 meters at a captivating overhang with a mysterious black hole below. Revelation in 2009: A Breakthrough Discovery The year 2009 marked a significant turning point as Artur […]