Alapaha River Rise USA

Situated approximately 19 miles southeast of Madison on the Suwannee River’s north side, the Alapaha River Rise beckons nature enthusiasts. To reach this hidden gem, journey east for 8.7 miles from the Withlacoochee River bridge on SR 6, then turn south on CR 751. After a 3.5-mile drive, you’ll find a park and boat launch on the Suwannee River’s north side, with the spring just 0.3 miles upriver to the east.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.439366, -83.08924
  • Depth:
  • Remarks: Private
  • Type: Cave

Alapaha River Rise’s Unique Features: Nature’s Resurgence

As the re-emergence of a portion of the Alapaha River, the Alapaha River Rise captivates with a single vent at the head of a circular depression. The spring pool, measuring 75 ft southeast to northwest and 108 ft north to south, reaches a depth of 71 ft. Dark and tannic water characterizes the pool, with some algae present on submerged limestone substrates. Despite the absence of a visible boil, the swift run flows to the Suwannee River, covering a distance of approximately 900 ft.

Navigating the River Rise: Natural Challenges and Surroundings

While the river rise flows gracefully southward, reaching the Suwannee River, low water levels in the Suwannee can expose limestone, making boat navigation challenging. The depression boasts deeply scalloped vertical limestone sidewalls, estimated to rise 30 ft above water level. The high ground surrounding the spring is a dense forest adorned with pines and oaks, offering a pristine and privately-owned natural haven.


What characterizes the water at Alapaha River Rise?

The water at Alapaha River Rise is dark and tannic, with some algae present on submerged limestone substrates, contributing to the natural ambiance.

Is boat navigation challenging in the Suwannee River from the Alapaha River Rise?

During low water levels in the Suwannee River, navigating from the Alapaha River Rise can be challenging due to exposed limestone, requiring caution for boat enthusiasts.

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