Allen Mill Pond USA

Located approximately 8.5 miles northwest of Mayo on SRWMD land, Allen Mill Pond Springs stand as a captivating natural wonder on the west side of the Suwannee River, marking the head of Allen Mill Pond.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.16255, -83.24229
  • Depth:
  • Remarks: Single-Diver Cave
  • Type: Cave

A Scenic Journey to Allen Mill Pond Springs

Embark on a scenic adventure starting from the intersection of US 27 and SR 51 in Mayo. Travel northwest on US 27 for 4.8 miles, then turn north (right) on CR 251B. Journey 3.7 miles to spot the SRWMD sign for Allen Mill Pond on the east (right). Follow the road to a parking area near the lower section of the spring run, where the magic of Allen Mill Pond Springs awaits.

Ecosystem Delight: Exploring the Springs and Surroundings

At least three spring vents, nestled within an elongated limestone fissure spanning 186 ft, offer a mesmerizing spectacle. The vents, featuring a 2.5 ft diameter hole in exposed limestone, reach a maximum depth of 8.6 ft. The spring pool, covered in duckweed, showcases the diversity of the ecosystem.

Nature’s Symphony: Allen Mill Pond Springs Run

Watch as Allen Mill Pond Springs discharge southeastward through a shallow run, averaging about 1 ft deep and 40 ft wide. The clear spring water flows over scalloped limestone and rippled sand, adorned with abundant aquatic vegetation. The run continues its journey, eventually joining the Suwannee River.

Preserving Nature: SRWMD’s Role and Public Access

Situated within heavily forested SRWMD land, Allen Mill Pond Springs and its surroundings are preserved for nature enthusiasts. A public access area along the west side of the spring run invites visitors to appreciate and connect with this pristine natural landscape.


Is public access available to Allen Mill Pond Springs?

Yes, there is a public access area along the west side of the lower part of the spring run, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore and appreciate the captivating surroundings.

What is the water temperature in Allen Mill Pond Springs?

The water in Allen Mill Pond Springs maintains a cool and consistent temperature, hovering around the refreshing mark of 57 degrees Fahrenheit (14 degrees Celsius).

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