Alviela Portugal

Accessing Alviela Cave is an adventurous feat, requiring negotiation through a short yet challenging 25m dry cave section. Brace yourself with 4m long ladders and ropes to reach the water, unlocking the gateway to one of Portugal’s major springs.

  • Region: Alcanena
  • Coordinates: 39.44398, -8.71265
  • Depth: 426 ft
  • Remarks: Olhos de Água
  • Type: Cave

Alviela: Historical Spring of Lisbon

Once a vital water source for Lisbon, today, Alviela contributes to less than 10% of the city’s water consumption. Nestled in a popular Park area, it serves as a favorite swimming venue for locals, offering on-site amenities such as a camping site, restaurant, and toilets.

A Blend of Science and Exploration

Explore not only the natural wonders but also the scientific dimension of Alviela. The local municipality has erected a science exhibition pavilion, featuring a virtual 3D journey through the cave system. Gain insights into cave formations and water cycles while immersing yourself in the allure of this captivating underground world.

Depths Unveiled: Diving into Exploration

Dive into the depths of Alviela Cave, where the underwater passages unfold between 40m and 55m. The supposed main tunnel plunges to 125m, presenting a challenging yet enticing prospect for exploration. Recent efforts in 2007, supported by Jerme Meyni and SPE, revealed depths of 130m and the discovery of a blocked passage, opening up new avenues for exploration in this mesmerizing cave system.

Alviela Portugal map


How deep is Alviela Cave?

Alviela Cave boasts varying depths, with underwater passages extending between 40m and 125m. Recent exploration in 2007 reached depths of 130m, uncovering new possibilities for cave enthusiasts.

Is the water clear in Alviela Cave?

Yes, the water in Alviela Cave is renowned for its clarity. Divers can immerse themselves in the captivating underwater world, appreciating the beauty of cave formations with excellent visibility.

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