Ancos Portugal

Finding your way to this cave is a breeze—park your car along the main road just 20 meters from the entrance. No need to worry about entrance fees, as it’s completely free. The journey into the cave begins with a narrow, meandering passage. As you descend through a well into the main tunnel, the space gradually opens up, and the initial flow from the entrance diminishes.

  • Region: Leiria
  • Coordinates: 39.97869, -8.57277
  • Depth: 262 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

A Unique Underground Experience

Explore the cave’s distinctive features as you traverse its depths. Notice the walls, which differ in color from the Alviela or Almonda caves, showcasing a lighter hue. The descent is steep, reaching a restriction at 30 meters before plunging further to its explored limit at 80 meters, as documented by Joo Neves in 2007.

Scenic Transformations Within the Cave

Marvel at the fascinating changes in scenery within the cave. The initial tight and snaky section transforms into a more spacious environment, providing an immersive experience. As you descend through the well into the main tunnel, the cave’s unique characteristics unfold, making it a memorable adventure.


How deep is the cave?

The cave descends to a depth of 80 meters.

What is the water temperature in the cave?

The water temperature varies, providing a cool and refreshing experience.

Is the water clear in the cave?

Yes, the water in the cave is crystal clear, enhancing the visibility and beauty of the underwater landscape.

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