Apopka Spring USA

Discover the enchanting Apopka Spring, nestled in Gourd Neck on the southwest side of Lake Apopka, just 2 miles south of Monteverde. Accessible only by boat, this secluded natural wonder promises a unique and tranquil experience.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 28.566797, -81.68067
  • Depth: 98 ft
  • Remarks: Gordneck Sink
  • Type: Cave

Navigating to Apopka Spring: A Boat-Only Adventure

For those seeking the beauty of Apopka Spring, set sail from the town of Monteverde. Head east on SR 50 for about 3.5 miles until you reach the intersection with CR 455. Turn north (left) onto CR 455 and travel approximately 4.2 miles to Monteverde. Once there, head east (right) and follow signs to the boat landing, located approximately 0.5 miles away.

Apopka Spring’s Unique Features: A Natural Marvel in Gourd Neck

Apopka Spring graces an open cove on the northwest side of Gourd Neck, boasting a circular spring pool measuring 180 ft in diameter. The larger spring cove, containing the spring, spans 450 ft north to south and 360 ft east to west. Dive into the deep, bowl-shaped spring depression at the center, where the depth reaches an impressive 45 ft. The spring bottom, a blend of sand and organic matter, transforms from cloudy lake water to crystal-clear spring water upon approach.

Ecosystem Snapshot: Flora and Underwater Cave System

Encounter exotic aquatic vegetation along the sandy slopes of the spring depression and witness a large boil as the spring produces clear water with suspended particles. The spring cove features a shallow perimeter with an organic, mucky bottom and emergent vegetation. Gourd Neck’s surroundings include marsh and lowland swamp forest on the west, transitioning to sand hills with extensive agriculture. On the east side, a sand hill peninsula with planted pines borders Gourd Neck, where an underwater cave system adds to the allure of Apopka Spring.


How deep is Apopka Spring Cave?

Apopka Spring Cave descends to a depth of approximately 98 feet, revealing a captivating underwater world.

Is Apopka Spring Cave accessible to the public?

No, Apopka Spring Cave is not publicly accessible. Situated in Gourd Neck on the southwest side of Lake Apopka, it can only be reached by boat, offering a secluded and pristine environment.

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