Blue Creek Resurgence New Zealand

Blue Creek Resurgence, situated in the picturesque Nelson region atop the South Island, unveils a captivating karst formation dominated by marble and limestone. This geological wonderland sets the stage for remarkable underground adventures.

  • Region: Nelson
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  • Depth: 148 ft
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Extensive Cave Systems: Nettlebed and Bulmer

The Nelson region is famed for its extensive cave systems, notably the Nettlebed (24 km) and Bulmer (53 km) dry caves that intricately weave beneath the surrounding mountains. A haven for both tourists and avid explorers, this area stands as a Mecca for dry cavers.

Diverse Cave Landscape

The region surrounding Blue Creek Resurgence is dotted with a mix of tourist and wild caves, creating an alluring landscape for those seeking underground exploration. The abundance of caves adds to the area’s allure, beckoning adventurers into its subterranean mysteries.

Pioneering Dives by Keith Dekkers and Kieren McKay

Cave divers Keith Dekkers and Kieren McKay embarked on groundbreaking explorations within Blue Creek. Kieren’s reports unveiled a cave that descends to a gravel restriction at 32 meters, leading to a river passage expanding four meters wide, flowing in both directions. Their exploration reached an impressive depth of 45 meters, shedding light on the hidden wonders beneath the surface.

Blue Creek Resurgence, with its unique geological features and extensive cave networks, stands as a beacon for both cave enthusiasts and intrepid explorers, inviting them to delve into the depths of this subterranean realm.


What is the depth of Blue Creek Resurgence cave?

Blue Creek Resurgence cave reaches a notable depth of 45 meters, offering adventurers a captivating journey into its subterranean depths.

What is the water temperature inside Blue Creek Resurgence cave?

The water within Blue Creek Resurgence maintains a refreshing temperature, typically ranging from cool to moderate, creating an ideal environment for exploration.

How clear is the water in Blue Creek Resurgence?

The water in Blue Creek Resurgence boasts exceptional clarity, providing divers with a crystal-clear view of the underwater landscapes and formations, enhancing the overall exploration experience.

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