Blue Springs Cave USA

Embark on a scenic journey from Mayo, heading northwest on U.S. 27/SR 20 for 3 to 4 miles. Look for the sign indicating Highway 251B; turn right and travel an additional 2 miles. The entrance to this hidden gem awaits on the east (right) side of the road, promising a nature-filled adventure.

  • Region: Florida
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  • Type: Cave

Blue Springs: A Natural Limestone Marvel

Encounter the enchanting Blue Springs, featuring a 30×12 foot natural limestone bridge that, depending on the river level, allows for a walkover or a swim underneath, reminiscent of Telford’s small bridge. The 35-foot deep pool, often adorned with a greenish tint, is surrounded by steep bluffs on three sides and boasts wooden stairways for easy access.

Exploring Snake Sink: A Right-Angled Wonder

To reach Snake Sink, turn right and stroll through the opening in the fence upon entering the park. The sink takes a right-angled bend, living up to its name. Explore the unique geological formation and marvel at the wonders of Snake Sink within this natural oasis.

Green Sink: Nature’s Oval-Shaped Beauty

Continuing the journey from Snake Sink, follow the path to discover Green Sink, a more traditionally oval-shaped marvel. Immerse yourself in the serene surroundings and appreciate the natural beauty that unfolds along the path, making Green Sink a destination worth exploring in this picturesque park.

Blue Springs map
Blue Springs Cave USA map
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