Bozel Spring USA

Discover the enchanting Bozel Spring, situated approximately 3.5 miles north of Marianna. Extracted from the insights of Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66, this guide provides valuable information for those eager to explore the wonders of Bozel Spring.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.830501, -85.234453
  • Depth: 110 ft
  • Remarks: Bozelle, Batzel, Private
  • Type: Cave

Getting There: Directions to Bozel Spring

  1. From the intersection of US 90 and SR 166 (Jefferson Street) in Marianna, travel north for 2.6 miles on SR 166.
  2. Reach the Florida Caverns State Park entrance and turn west (left), covering 1.7 miles to the boat landing on the north (right) side of the road.
  3. While the spring is surrounded by private property, access is possible by traveling 1 mile upstream from the Florida Caverns State Park boat ramp on the Chipola River.

Description of Bozel Spring

Aliases and Dimensions:

  • Also known as Baltzell or Bosel Spring, the spring pool measures 75 ft north to south and 54 ft east to west.

Depth and Characteristics:

  • The spring’s depth over the vent is approximately 14.0 ft, with light blue-green water showcasing a slight murkiness.
  • Limestone is exposed near the vent, and a gentle boil is visible on the pool surface.
  • Rich native aquatic vegetation thrives in both the spring and its run.

Topography and Surroundings:

  • The spring run flows south, then east, covering a total distance of about 800 ft before entering the Chipola River from the east.
  • To the east, the ground rises to approximately 12 ft above the water surface, offering scenic views of an old house and cleared pasture.
  • The land west of the spring comprises the river and its floodplain swamp forest.

Group of Springs:

  • Bozel Spring is part of the Baltzell Springs Group, featuring at least three other springs in close proximity.

Equipment Configuration and Cave Notes:

  • Bozel Spring has both SM and BM entrances, with the cave predominantly BM depending on where you enter.

Embark on an exploration of Bozel Spring, where the convergence of natural beauty and subterranean wonders awaits your discovery.


What are the dimensions of Bozel Spring’s cave?

Bozel Spring’s cave, with both SM and BM entrances, reveals dimensions predominantly in the BM configuration. The specific dimensions can vary based on the entry point.

How deep is Bozel Spring’s cave?

110 feet

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