Bue Marino Italy

The Bue Marino system’s dry cave area welcomes tourists, offering a captivating glimpse into its magnificent stalactite formations. During high summer, dedicated boat operators guide daily tours, allowing visitors to marvel at the wonders of this underground spectacle.

  • Region: Sardegna
  • Coordinates: 40.249361, 9.623514
  • Depth: 118 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Dual Descent: Surface to Underwater Exploration

Begin your underwater journey right next to the entrance, descending to shallow waters at 1.50m. As you enter a large room, the remnants of old stairs beckon explorers to safely navigate the dry section of the cave. Dive below a small bridge, conduct safety checks, and plunge into the extensive Bue Marino cave system.

Subterranean Wonderland: Endless Formations

Encounter the cave’s entrance area with a slight milky hue and a maximum depth of 15m. The Halocline effect, intensified by the flow of fresh water mixing with saltwater, creates a mesmerizing visual experience. Explore massive chambers adorned with stunning formations, revealing the boundless beauty hidden within the depths.

Diverse Pathways: Endless Exploration

Navigate through a labyrinth of tunnels, some leading to dead-end sumps, while others extend for several kilometers. The cave’s complexity showcases connecting tunnels, offering divers the option to continue with a dry walk or dive further. Regardless of the chosen route, the dry passages themselves hold captivating discoveries, making every exploration in the Bue Marino system a truly enriching experience.

Gear Up: Back Mount and Sidemount Exploration

Prepare for your journey with the appropriate equipment configuration, utilizing back mount and sidemount configurations for navigating the sumps in this vast and diverse cave system.

Bue Marino map Italy


How deep is the Bue Marino Cave System?

The cave system varies in depth, with the entrance area reaching a maximum depth of 118 ft.

Is the water clear in the Bue Marino Cave System?

Yes, the water in the Bue Marino Cave System is known for its clarity. The mesmerizing formations and chambers within the cave are revealed with excellent visibility, creating a captivating underwater world for divers to discover.

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