Bundera Sinkhole Australia

Unveiling the secrets of a sinkhole, this subterranean wonder reaches an impressive depth of 32 meters, fully charted within a maximum distance of approximately 42 meters. Delving into its mysteries reveals a captivating underwater landscape.

  • Region: Cape Range
  • Coordinates:
  • Depth: 105 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Groundwater Composition: A Unique Blend

Beneath the surface, a distinctive blend of freshwater and seawater characterizes the groundwater system. This composition forms a freshwater lens delicately overlaying a seawater wedge, creating a dynamic and intriguing ecosystem.

Extraordinary Fauna: Guardians of the Depths

Within this aquatic realm, a remarkable assembly of specialized subterranean fauna, known as stygofauna, thrives. Notably, it hosts the exclusively protected Blind Gudgeon and the Blind Cave Eel, the only two known blind fish species in Australia. Additionally, the ecosystem is home to various crustaceans, with remipedes taking the spotlight.

Exploring the sinkhole unveils not just its physical dimensions but also the unique underwater life that calls this subterranean realm home.

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