Cassidy Spring USA

Embark on a journey to Cassidy Springs, a hidden gem nestled in a small cove on the west bank of the Wacissa River, just 0.5 miles downstream from the public park. This guide, curated from insights found in Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66, provides a glimpse into the wonders of Cassidy Springs.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.33272, -83.98904
  • Depth:
  • Remarks: Sidemount
  • Type: Cave

Location and Description

  • Cove Oasis: Cassidy Springs, also known as Cassida Springs, is situated in a short, 100 ft side channel, creating a tranquil spring pool with a diameter of 45 ft.
  • Natural Emanation: Water gracefully issues from a vertical limestone shaft, reaching a depth of 27 ft and a diameter of 6 ft. Additional vents within 10 ft to the northwest and northeast contribute to the spring’s allure.
  • Spring Pool Characteristics: The average depth of the spring pool is 1.5 ft, accentuated by prominent spring boils created by all three vents. The sandy bottom, adorned with exposed limestone, adds to the picturesque scene.
  • Flow into the Wacissa River: A shallow spring run, entwined with Hydrilla, flows 90 ft southeast into the expansive Wacissa River, seamlessly integrating with the natural surroundings.

Surroundings and Ownership

  • Nature’s Embrace: Cassidy Springs finds itself embraced by a dense hardwood and palm hammock, gently rising to 5 ft above the water level to the west.
  • Preserved Wilderness: The land surrounding the spring is state-owned and undeveloped, preserving the natural beauty of Cassidy Springs.

Discharge and Exploration Notes

  • Measurable Flow: Discharge, measured on June 4, 1999, was recorded at 44.36 cubic feet per second, underscoring the dynamic nature of Cassidy Springs.
  • Equipment Configuration: For cave enthusiasts, Cassidy Springs offers exploration opportunities through the SM entrance. Several hundred feet of BM cave beckons, and while the End of Line (EOLs) present challenges, it’s unknown if further passages exist. A tannic water source into a SM crack adds an intriguing element to the exploration.

Embark on a journey to Cassidy Springs, where the convergence of natural wonders and subterranean mysteries invites exploration and admiration.


What are the dimensions of Cassidy Springs Cave?

Cassidy Springs Cave boasts a vertical limestone shaft with a depth of 27 ft and a diameter of 6 ft, creating a captivating underwater world within its short, 100 ft side channel.

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