Cenote Chacsinicchee Mexico

Cenote Chacsinicchee, also known as the “Tree of the Red Ant,” is an awe-inspiring cave located 10 kilometers south of the village of Cuzama and 65 kilometers southeast of Merida. The adventure begins with a unique transportation method—an enchanting horse-drawn rail cart that carries gear to the cave entrance.

  • Region: Yucatan
  • Coordinates:
  • Depth: 244 ft
  • Remarks: Tree of the Red Ant
  • Type: Cave

Spectacular Underground Chamber and Diverse Passages

The cave entrance, initially a small crack in the ground, unfolds into a stunning dome-like chamber below ground. This cavernous space, measuring about 55 meters in diameter and 18 meters in height, features crystal-clear cobalt blue water. Beams of sunlight penetrating from a ceiling hole create a breathtaking spectacle. As divers descend into the large pool, they discover the first passage, the Well, leading southward down a steep slope to a depth of 60 meters in clear freshwater. Further exploration reveals fascinating areas such as Chupacabras Point and the Japo’s Dream Passages, each contributing to the multi-layered cave system.

Extensive Exploration and Unique Features

Cenote Chacsinicchee unveils a multi-layered cave system with distinct levels at 27 meters, 40 meters, and the deepest, reaching approximately 67-73 meters. Notable features include the Invisible Passage, a massive arched passage in the northern part of the cave system. Despite its size, the cave system exhibits no flow, yet the water remains remarkably clear. With about 670 meters of explored passage, Cenote Chacsinicchee stands as one of the largest cave systems in the Merida area, offering a captivating exploration experience.

Cenote Chacsinicchee Mexico map


How deep is Cenote Chacsinicchee?

Cenote Chacsinicchee reaches varying depths, with the deepest part of the cave system reaching approximately 67-73 meters.

What is the water temperature in Cenote Chacsinicchee?

The water in Cenote Chacsinicchee maintains a comfortable temperature for exploration, providing an enjoyable diving experience.

Is the water clear in Cenote Chacsinicchee?

Yes, the water in Cenote Chacsinicchee is exceptionally clear, enhancing visibility and making it an ideal site for cave exploration.

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