Cenote Chicham Mexico

Unveiling the Mystery of the Inland Cenote, 12 Kilometers from Puerto Morelos

If you’re an adventure seeker, this commercialized cenote site, unfortunately currently closed, holds secrets waiting to be explored. Located approximately 12 kilometers inland from Puerto Morelos on the north side, the journey begins just south of the main Puerto Morelos intersection, identified by a distinctive large cement arch.

  • Region: Quintana Roo
  • Coordinates: 20.861633, -87.027686
  • Depth:
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Unraveling the Depths and Activities

Although the landowner remains elusive, this site promises an array of activities, from thrilling ATV tours to tranquil snorkeling and refreshing swimming experiences. The maximum depth of the cenote adds an element of mystery, inviting brave souls to dive into the unknown.

Amenities and Contact Information

Convenience meets exploration as bathroom facilities are available for visitors. For those ready to embark on this adventure, reaching out is just a call away. Contact the cenote site at 998 180 0307 to unlock the mysteries of this hidden gem when it reopens. Stay tuned for updates and get ready to dive into the excitement!

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