Cenote Papakal Mexico

Discover the hidden wonders of Cenote Papakal, aptly named for its intriguing “Mud Stains.” Located south of the village of Eknakan and 45 km southeast of Merida, this captivating cave promises an enchanting underground adventure.

  • Region: Yucatan
  • Coordinates:
  • Depth: 94 ft
  • Remarks: Mud Stains
  • Type: Cave

The Grand Entrance: A Glimpse into the Underground Chamber

Accessed via a dirt road winding past the ruins of an old hacienda, Cenote Papakal welcomes explorers with a cavern entrance leading to a vast underground chamber. Stretching 50 m in length, 40 m in width, and boasting a floor-to-ceiling height of approximately 20 m, the cave sets the stage for a mesmerizing journey.

Beneath the Surface: Navigating the Clear Water Pool

Descend a breakdown slope at the chamber’s rear to encounter a clear water pool adorned with massive white stalactites, stalagmites, and columns. Underwater, the sloping floor reveals calcite rafts, guiding adventurers southwest into a sizable passage measuring 20 m in width and 4 m from floor to ceiling. This underwater marvel reaches a maximum depth of 31 m.

Diver’s Paradise: Passage Exploration and Submerged Discoveries

Venture into the heart of Cenote Papakal as the passage unfolds, extending about 140 m before branching. To the south lies a dead-end chamber, while to the east awaits a small side passage leading to the Camera de la Reina. The exploration doesn’t end there, with the discovery of the Linea Muerte Ancestral, a second, albeit smaller, passage leading eastward from the entrance cavern.

Submerged Symphony: 380 m of Explored Cave Passage

Dive into the enchanting depths of Cenote Papakal, where approximately 380 m of surveyed cave passage awaits exploration. Uncover the secrets hidden beneath the surface, as the cave unfolds its unique charm and geological marvels.

Cenote Papakal Mexico map


What is the maximum depth of Cenote Papakal?

Cenote Papakal reaches a maximum depth of 31 meters.

What is the water temperature inside the cave?

The water in Cenote Papakal maintains a comfortable temperature, enhancing the overall diving experience. Specific details may vary.

How clear is the water in Cenote Papakal?

Cenote Papakal is renowned for its crystal-clear water, ensuring excellent visibility for divers and revealing the captivating underwater formations within the cave.

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