Chaudanne Switzerland

Nestled in the “Vaudoise” Alps near Rossinire, Switzerland, the Chaudanne spring is a captivating cave with a history dating back to the 1960s. Currently, it holds the distinction of being the deepest cave in Switzerland, explored to a depth of approximately 160 meters and a maximum penetration of 600 meters.

  • Region: Vaud
  • Coordinates: 46.465054, 7.097851
  • Depth: 525 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Pioneering Dives and Exploration

In 1988, Cyrille Brandt conducted the first successful push dive, marking a significant milestone in the cave’s exploration. A groundbreaking push dive to 160 meters was achieved by Michael Walz in 2006, using a homemade EDO 04 rebreather. The dedicated Chaudanne Spring Exploration Group continues to contribute to the survey and exploration of this remarkable cave.

Access and Respectful Exploration

Situated on private property, the cave entrance requires permission from the hotel Chaudanne. Avoid parking in front of the hotel; instead, utilize the parking near the train station. Monitoring the “Chaundanne o metre” for water conditions, with at least three balls out of the water, is essential. Explorers should be equipped with a reel, as the line starts after the first shaft at a depth of around 12 meters.

Chaudanne cave map


How deep is Chaudanne Cave?

Chaudanne Cave reaches a depth of approximately 160 meters.

What is the water temperature in Chaudanne Cave?

The water in Chaudanne Cave provides a cool and invigorating experience for explorers.

Is the water clear in Chaudanne Cave?

Yes, the water in Chaudanne Cave is crystal clear, enhancing visibility and making for a captivating exploration journey.

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