Church Cave Bermuda

Explore the enchanting Church & Bitumen Caves nestled beneath Ship’s Hill on the expansive grounds of the Marriott Castle Harbour Resort in Hamilton Parish, Bermuda. Uncover the secrets of these subterranean marvels, each offering unique features that captivate the imagination.

  • Region: Hamilton
  • Coordinates:
  • Depth: 74 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave, Cavern

Church Cave: Bermuda’s Largest Underground Lake

Descend into Church Cave, home to Bermuda’s largest underground lake spanning an impressive 1500 m2 with a maximum depth of 22.5 m. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of this vast cavern, where the echoes of history and nature intertwine.

Bitumen Cave: Depths of Subterranean Exploration

Just north of Church Cave, venture into Bitumen Cave, the deepest underwater cave in Bermuda. Encounter its main chamber, housing an 8 m pit leading to a tidal salt-water pool, extending down to a depth of 25.5 m. Experience the allure of this hidden abyss, shrouded in mystery and aquatic wonders.

Endemic Cave Species: Biodiversity in the Depths

Discover a thriving ecosystem within these caves, boasting at least eleven endemic cave species. From copepods to shrimp, these unique inhabitants are essential to the delicate balance of this subterranean environment. Unfortunately, nine of these species face critical endangerment, highlighting the importance of conservation efforts.

Castle Harbour Development Dilemma: Balancing Progress and Preservation

Uncover the complex challenges faced by the Castle Harbour Development, including a $60 million housing project and a retail center constructed atop Church & Bitumen Caves. While partially treated wastewater from the development irrigates nearby golf courses, concerns over potential collapse within Bitumen Cave loom large. Despite environmental protection efforts, the project proceeded, prompting the Bermuda-based group, Save Open Spaces, to advocate for the preservation of these invaluable caves.

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