Cogol dei Siori Italy

At the entrance of Grotta Utopia, a rectangular opening measuring 3 feet high and 12 feet wide marks the beginning of an extraordinary adventure. The Oliero river flows vigorously, setting the stage for a unique exploration experience. Venturing 20 meters up the river reveals a small lake plunging to 13 meters, fed by a siphon below the water, connecting with the source of the Caves of his place.

  • Region: Veneto
  • Coordinates: 45.844767, 11.668158
  • Depth: 250 ft
  • Remarks: Grotta Parolini
  • Type: Cave

Upper Branches: Hall of Candles

Ascending to the upper branches unveils the casting room, featuring high branches that extend for 150 meters. These branches, namely the Fossil Branch and Branch of Pantani, lead to the Hall of Candles. This cavernous space, adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, pays homage to G. Abraham’s contributions to the cave’s exploration.

Saletta Amadio and Branch of Pantani

Exploring further into the cave leads to Saletta Amadio, named in honor of the late Amado Negrello, the first president of the GGG. Marvel at the diverse concretions and limestone formations, including stalactites, stalagmites, quirky formations, angel hair, trays, and festoons. The journey through the right branch, known as the Branch of Pantani, presents a muddy floor, leading to a room with captivating stalactites and stalagmites forming columns.

The Siphon: Underwater Exploration

Access the underwater cave system through the lake of Parolini, with depths ranging from -9.50 to 12 meters. The bottom consists of pebble-sized boulders, intriguingly distinct from the cave’s internal structure. The tunnel at -12 meters unveils a gallery, leading to the heart of the mountain. As the passage descends rapidly to a depth of -80, it opens into a vast hall with an uncharted continuation, beckoning to be explored further.


How deep is Cogol dei Siori cave?

Cogol dei Siori reaches a maximum depth of approximately 80 meters.

What is the water temperature inside the cave?

The water temperature in Cogol dei Siori typically varies, and it is advisable to check local conditions. However, caves in Italy generally maintain cool temperatures.

Is the water clear in Cogol dei Siori?

Yes, Cogol dei Siori is known for its clear waters, providing excellent visibility for cave exploration. The underwater environment allows divers to appreciate the stunning rock formations and unique features of the cave.

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