Cow Spring USA

Discover the enchanting Cow Spring, nestled inland near Luraville, Florida. Here’s how to find it and what you can expect:

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.106298, -83.11244
  • Depth: 110 ft
  • Remarks: NSS/CDS
  • Type: Cave

Reaching Cow Spring

To reach Cow Spring and embark on your exploration, follow these straightforward directions:

  1. Starting Point: Begin at the intersection of SR 51 and 180th Street in Luraville.
  2. Drive South on SR 51: Head south on SR 51 for approximately 1.6 miles until you reach the bridge that spans the Suwannee River.
  3. Boat Launch: Launch your boat at the bridge boat landing, preparing for a scenic journey downriver.
  4. Boating to Cow Spring: Travel approximately 4.4 miles downriver from the bridge to reach the location of Cow Spring.

Cow Spring Description

Here’s a glimpse of the natural wonders awaiting you at Cow Spring:

  • Oval-Shaped Pool: Cow Spring boasts an oval-shaped pool measuring 66 feet in length and 18 feet in width, providing a serene oasis.
  • Central Vent: The circular vent is situated in the center of the spring pool, reaching a depth of approximately 25 feet.
  • Aquatic Beauty: The pool bottom consists of limestone adorned with aquatic vegetation and a small amount of algae. The water is a mesmerizing blue-green hue, and there is no visible boil on the surface.
  • Spring Run Bed: Currently, Cow Spring is flooded by the Suwannee River. However, a discernable dry spring run bed leads 0.1 miles southwest to the Suwannee River. This run bed features abundant vegetation, including shrubs and small trees that thrive in its dry bed.
  • Exposed Limestone Banks: The northwest, northeast, and southeast banks of the pool showcase exposed limestone extending up to 6 feet above the water surface, adding to the spring’s natural charm.
  • Woodland Surroundings: On the southwest side of the pool, the land gently slopes up into the surrounding woodlands, creating a picturesque backdrop.
  • Ownership: Cow Spring is owned by the National Speleological Society and is renowned for its extensive, mapped cave system, offering exciting opportunities for cave exploration.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility of Cow Spring, where crystal-clear waters and lush surroundings await your discovery.

Cow Spring USA map

Unraveling the Mysterious Cow Springs Disaster with Chris Henson and Marian Koskos


How Deep is Cow Spring Cave?

Cow Spring Cave reaches a depth of approximately 110ft at its deepest point within the oval-shaped pool.

Is Cave Diving Experience Required to Explore Cow Spring Cave?

Yes, cave diving experience is essential for exploring Cow Spring Cave. This cave system is extensive and owned by the National Speleological Society, offering exciting opportunities for experienced cave divers.

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