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Naharon, often referred to as the “dark cave,” stands out among the caves in the area with its unique feature – most walls and formations stained in a deep black hue. As part of Sistema Naranjal, which includes the renowned Cenote Mayan Blue, Naharon has recently revealed its connection to the expansive Sistema Ox Bel Ha, touted as the world’s largest underwater cave.

  • Region: Quintana Roo
  • Coordinates: 20.20049, -87.49995
  • Depth:
  • Remarks: Naharon
  • Type: Cave, Cavern, OW

Location and Entrance: Navigating to Naharon

Situated three kilometers south of Tulum on Highway 307, Naharon’s entrance is on the right-hand side, marked by a sign reading “Cenote Cristal.” Explore the mysteries that unfold within as you venture into this captivating underwater realm.

Dive Routes and Exploration: Unveiling the Underwater Landscape

The main line at Naharon leads to fascinating destinations, including Choc’s Room and beyond. Discover intriguing points like Desconocido Doom, the Double Dooms, and take numerous jumps off both lines. A particularly captivating dive is the Southwestern Sacbe, leading to the saltwater layer where the walls transition to white, revealing a plethora of formations. In this zone, history once lay visible, with the remains of an ancient Mayan, now removed by archaeologists. Professional guides offer invaluable assistance in locating these sites and can help set up a traverse to Mayan Blue.

Depth and Deco: Planning Your Dive Adventure

Navigating the saltwater zone at Naharon can take you to depths approaching 80 feet. A dive in this area may entail decompression at the end, especially if you choose to traverse to Mayan Blue. Trust a professional guide to enhance your experience and ensure a safe exploration of Naharon’s fascinating underwater wonders.


How clear is the water in Cenote Cristal?

Cenote Cristal is renowned for its crystal-clear water, ensuring excellent visibility for divers to appreciate the mesmerizing underwater formations.

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