Dos Ojos Mexico

Discover the extraordinary underwater realm of Sistema Dos Ojos, a colossal cave system that stands as one of the world’s largest. Renowned not only for its size but also for its stunning cavern dives, Dos Ojos, translating to “Two Eyes” in Spanish, is situated just south of the Xel Ha ecopark.

  • Region: Quintana Roo
  • Coordinates: 20.32453, -87.39083
  • Depth: 391 ft
  • Remarks: Two Eyes
  • Type: Cave, Cavern, OW

Journey into Dos Ojos

As you traverse the rugged dirt road, contemplate the challenging trek undertaken by the pioneers who explored this system on foot, burdened by equipment carried on burros. The name Dos Ojos signifies two adjacent cenotes, with divers typically entering through the smaller one, known as the Eastern Eye.

Diverse Cave Dive Options

  1. Upstream Adventure Embark on an upstream journey through the cavern zone, reaching the tour line’s far end. Look for a unique marker—an alligator with a Barbie doll in its mouth—to indicate your jumping-off point. Multiple lines within the cave offer varying experiences, emphasizing the importance of utilizing a guide, especially for first-time explorers.
  2. Downstream Traverse Opt for the downstream dive, navigating past Cenotes Dos Palmas, High Voltage, and Tapirs End. Surface at Cenote Monolito, a captivating endpoint. A guide is crucial due to the potential risks of taking the wrong route, and planning for transportation is essential as the endpoint is distant from the starting point.

Dos Ojos and Beyond

Adjacent to Sistema Nahoch Na Chich, Dos Ojos shares its underwater wonders. At one point, explorers competed to determine the larger cave between the two, with efforts to connect them proving unsuccessful to date.

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of Sistema Dos Ojos, an underwater marvel that promises awe-inspiring adventures for cave diving enthusiasts.

Dos Ojos Mexico map


How deep is the Dos Ojos cave?

Dos Ojos reaches depths of approximately 391 feet, offering a captivating exploration beneath the surface.

What is the water temperature inside the cave?

The water temperature in Dos Ojos hovers around a comfortable 25 to 27 degrees Celsius (77 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit), providing an ideal environment for cave diving.

How clear is the water in Dos Ojos?

The crystal-clear waters of Dos Ojos boast exceptional visibility, often exceeding 60 meters (200 feet), creating a mesmerizing underwater experience for divers.

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