Double Spring USA

Explore the unique wonder of Double Spring, nestled at the bottom of the Tampa Bypass Canal. Here’s a closer look at its location and characteristics:

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 28.0345, -82.34235
  • Depth:
  • Remarks: Harvey Road Spring
  • Type: Cave

Finding Double Spring

To locate Double Spring and witness its intriguing features, follow these guidelines:

  1. Location: Double Spring is situated at the bottom of the Tampa Bypass Canal.
  2. Near Harney Road Bridge: It is located approximately 100 feet south of the Harney Road bridge that spans over the canal.
  3. Proximity to Canal Spring: Alternatively, you can find Double Spring approximately 600 feet northwest of Canal Spring.

Double Spring Description

Explore the fascinating features of Double Spring:

  • Circular Boil: Double Spring creates a circular boil on the surface of the Tampa Bypass Canal, measuring roughly 10 feet in diameter. This distinctive feature sets it apart.
  • Canal Depth: In the vicinity of Double Spring, the canal reaches an average depth of 15 feet, creating an interesting blend of clear spring water and the darker canal waters.
  • Surface Observation: While the canal’s bottom is not visible due to its depth, the spring boil manifests as a round slick spot on the canal’s surface. This characteristic was easily visible during March 2003, even from the grassy banks located nearly 300 feet southwest of the spring.
  • Boat Access: Approach Double Spring by boat from the south. However, please note that boat access is restricted beyond a cable barrier situated a few hundred feet south of Double Spring.
  • Canal’s Origin: The Tampa Bypass Canal was constructed with the purpose of diverting floodwaters from the Hillsborough River around Tampa. During this construction, the canal tapped into the Floridan Aquifer System, giving rise to several new springs, including Canal Spring, Double Spring, and Last Spring. Each of these springs is characterized by slick circular boils visible on the dark waters of the canal.

Get ready to witness the captivating phenomenon of Double Spring, where clear spring waters meet the depths of the Tampa Bypass Canal, creating a mesmerizing spectacle for onlookers.

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