El Dudu Dominican Republic

Embark on a 1km journey west of Cabarete, where the enchanting caves await amidst the Natural Monument Cabarete and Goleta Lagoons, also known as El Choco National Park. A scenic 1km walk from the main road leads you through a tropical jungle, unveiling a hidden paradise.

  • Region: Zona Norte
  • Coordinates: 19.564629, -69.907623
  • Depth: 72 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Entrance Amidst Tropical Splendor

Access the caves through a lush tropical jungle, ascending man-made steps before descending to a natural Jacuzzi—a crystalline pond nestled in the heart of the earth. This secluded oasis offers a serene escape surrounded by nature’s wonders.

Geological Marvels Below the Surface

Uncover the geological formations that shape the caves, featuring sinkholes, disappearing streams, and underground caverns. Many are adorned with water, creating a captivating subterranean landscape beneath the seemingly flat terrain.

Exploration Opportunities

Explore several caves in the area, each accessible with a one to three-hour hike, promising a rewarding adventure for enthusiasts. Guided tours from local horse ranches provide an opportunity to witness edible tropical fruit plants and a diverse array of vibrant bird species, adding an enriching dimension to your exploration.

Tragedy at El Dudu: The Demise of Divers Carlos Barbieri and Carlos Basso


How deep is El Dudu cave?

El Dudu cave reaches depths of approximately 18 meters (72 feet), providing an exciting underwater exploration experience.

What is the water temperature in El Dudu cave?

The water in El Dudu maintains a pleasant temperature ranging from 24 to 26 degrees Celsius (75 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit), ensuring a comfortable swimming and diving environment.

How clear is the water in El Dudu?

The water in El Dudu is exceptionally clear, offering visibility of up to 40 meters (130 feet), creating a stunning underwater landscape for visitors to enjoy.

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