Emergence du Ressel France

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey into the depths of Emergence du Russel, a cavernous cave originating from the River Cle. The initial passage, boasting a length of 150 meters and a cross-section akin to a double garage door, bifurcates into two tunnels. One maintains a shallower depth of about 10 meters, while the other descends repeatedly, reaching depths of around 18 meters.

  • Region: Lot
  • Coordinates: 44.56194, 1.77167
  • Depth:
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A Scenic Round-Trip Dive: Unique Features of Emergence du Russel

The two passages reunite 300 meters from the entrance, providing a captivating round-trip experience, especially for novice cave divers. As the expedition progresses, the cave takes two dramatic plunges, with the first descent occurring in a spectacular rift, reaching depths of about 45 meters.

Technical Challenges and Record-Breaking Exploits

Venturing further, the cave becomes increasingly technical, reaching depths of approximately 50 to 77 meters. The entrance now lies nearly half a kilometer away, and the dive extends into a dry section of the cave, spanning nearly two kilometers from the starting point. This entire expedition, spanning several hours, is a formidable undertaking, attempted by only a handful of adventurers. In a groundbreaking feat, British divers Rick Stanton and Jason Mallinson have pushed the sumps beyond, totaling more than 4 kilometers in the last year.

Emergence du Ressel France
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