Escondido Mexico

Nestled across Highway 307 from Cenote Naharon, Cenote Mayan Blue awaits explorers. The parking area, hidden about a kilometer back in the jungle, marks the gateway to this underwater paradise.

  • Region: Quintana Roo
  • Coordinates: 20.19411, -87.49585
  • Depth: 86 ft
  • Remarks: Mayan Blue
  • Type: Cave, Cavern, OW

Lagoon Layout: A Fascinating L-Shaped Exploration

Cenote Mayan Blue surprises divers with its L-shaped lagoon layout. Three entrances—A, B, and Dead Zone—offer unique routes, all connecting in an intricate underwater tapestry. The A tunnel leads to the Battleship Room and a connection point to Naharon, a popular guided dive.

Dive Routes and Depths: A Network of Exploration

Navigate the A tunnel upstream for encounters with the Battleship Room and a link to Naharon. The B tunnel offers a network connecting to A, E, and F tunnels, along with various jumps. The Dead Zone, heading downstream towards Ox Bel Ha, reveals routes like the Cenote of the Sun. Depths throughout the system vary, reaching up to 80 feet in the saltwater zone, where the underwater landscape transitions from dark to vibrant white.

Water Characteristics: Dark Freshwater and White Saltwater

Delve into the freshwater layer, where darkness prevails, especially upstream. In contrast, the saltwater layer showcases a brilliant white expanse. Divers should anticipate deco during saltwater zone exploration, adding an extra layer of excitement to their underwater journey in Cenote Mayan Blue.

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