Fontaine de Saint Georges France

Nestled in the Dordogne Valley near Montvalent, Fontain de St George holds a significant place in cave diving history as one of the first sites for penetrative cave dives in France. The sump pool, just a short distance from the car, is both expansive and visually stunning, boasting a diameter of around 30 meters.

  • Region: Lot
  • Coordinates: 44.88942, 1.61818
  • Depth:
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Descending into the Depths: An Adventure through Gummy Passages

Initiating at the bottom of the resurgence pool with a depth of about 10 meters, the cave’s entrance leads into a cobble and gravel slope with a steep 45-degree descent. The initial passage, characterized by low ceilings forming gummy, mouth-like gaps, can be a bit challenging, averaging about 2 meters in height and 5 meters in width. However, upon reaching 30 meters depth, the cave opens up to wide and cavernous passages, offering a captivating underwater exploration.

Beyond the Depths: Salle de Lavaur and Complicated Sump Passages

Venturing deeper, the sump gradually becomes shallower, culminating in the emergence into Salle de Lavaur after covering a third of a kilometer. The second sump passage, spanning another third of a kilometer, presents spacious underwater vistas. However, complexity arises as it descends to over 70 meters, eventually surfacing into dry passages over a kilometer from the starting point. Further exploration reveals additional sumps, requiring teams of thirty people to push, with the ultimate challenge of connecting with the show cave ‘Gouffre de Padirac’ after several kilometers. Dive into the extraordinary depths of Fontain de St George, where history and adventure converge in an underwater marvel.

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