Four Shark Blue Hole Bahamas

Nestled within the embrace of the barrier reef lies a captivating wonder of the deep, known as Four Shark Cave. Situated along the fault line, just 5 kilometers northwest of Dolly Cays in South Andros, this offshore ocean blue hole offers a unique gateway to the mysteries of the underwater world.

  • Region: South Andros
  • Coordinates:
  • Depth: 344 ft
  • Remarks: Blue hole
  • Type: Cave

Your journey into the heart of Four Shark Cave commences at the entrance – a mesmerizing coral-rimmed basin. At a depth of around 10 meters, this inviting threshold welcomes you into an awe-inspiring realm. It is here that the exploration of one of the Bahamas’ most expansive caverns begins.

The Vast Expanse: Kalik Cavern’s Grandeur

Imagine a space unlike any other. The Kalik Cavern, stretching an impressive 70 meters in length and spanning 20 meters in width, unfolds before your eyes. This grand chamber, aptly named, captures the imagination as it descends to a depth of 60 meters. Prepare to be immersed in an unparalleled subterranean world.

Delving Deeper: The Depths of Discovery

As you venture further, an intriguing path unveils itself. At the cavern’s far end, a narrow crack presents itself at a depth of 40 meters. This crevice leads to a continuation of the fissure, where depths range from 50 to an astounding 105 meters or more. The mysteries of the abyss await those bold enough to explore its depths.

Nature’s Canvas: The Tapestry of the Ocean Floor

In the entrance zone of Four Shark Cave, a fascinating mosaic awaits your gaze. The ocean floor, adorned with sand and delicate white silt, creates a picturesque foundation for your adventure. It’s a canvas shaped by time and tide, inviting you to discover its hidden stories.

The Dance of Currents: A Realm of Exchange

Within the cave’s interior, a dance of currents unfolds. Powerful tidal forces orchestrate a mesmerizing exchange, linking the reef waters with those from the cave’s inner sanctum. This harmonious interaction weaves an intricate tapestry of life, contributing to the vibrant ecosystem thriving within.

Embark on Your Ocean Odyssey

Ready to unravel the enigma of Four Shark Cave? Prepare to be captivated by the coral-rimmed entrance, the grandeur of Kalik Cavern, and the mysteries of the underwater depths. Begin your underwater odyssey as you venture into this remarkable blue hole, a testament to the ocean’s hidden wonders.


How deep is Four Shark Blue Hole?

Four Shark Blue Hole reaches a maximum depth of over 344 ft.

Where is Four Shark Blue Hole located?

Four Shark Blue Hole is situated inside the barrier reef, 5 km northwest of Dolly Cays in South Andros.

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