Ginnie Springs – Devil’s Ear / Eye USA

Discover the captivating Devils Ear Spring, nestled amidst a cluster of springs along the picturesque south bank of the Santa Fe River. Our guide provides you with essential information and directions, with insights drawn in part from the Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 29.83509, -82.69659
  • Depth: 173 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave, Cavern, OW

Getting There: Accessing Devils Ear Spring

  1. Starting Point: Commence your journey from the junction of US 441/41 and US 27 in the charming town of High Springs.
  2. Heading Southwest: Drive southwest on US 41/27 for 0.8 miles from the junction.
  3. Turn Right onto SR 340: Take a right turn onto SR 340, also known as Poe Springs Road. Continue for 6.6 miles westward along SR 340.
  4. Towards Ginnie Springs: Follow the signs leading to Ginnie Springs and turn right onto a graded road. Drive approximately 1.2 miles until you reach the entrance of Ginnie Springs Resort.
  5. Navigating Within the Resort: Upon arrival, navigate around the office building to the rear and towards the river. Just before the bathhouse, make a right turn and follow the sandy road to the parking area.

Exploring Devils Ear Spring: A Natural Marvel

Devils Ear Spring is a remarkable natural wonder, forming the head of a 375-foot-long spring run that gracefully flows into the Santa Fe River from its southern bank.


  • Limestone Fissure: The spring is an elongated limestone fissure that directly discharges its clear, bluish water into the adjacent Santa Fe River.
  • Spring Pool Dimensions: The spring pool spans approximately 105 feet from east to west and 60 feet from north to south.
  • Vent Characteristics: At the heart of the spring lies an oval-shaped limestone vent with steep sides, plunging to a depth of 34 feet. A large boil marks the location of the spring vent.
  • River Harmony: The distinct contrast between the dark river water and the clear, bluish spring water creates a visually stunning spectacle along the river’s edge.
  • Aquatic Life: Native aquatic grasses adorn the area around the vent opening, while traces of algae can be spotted on grass blades and limestone walls.
  • Riverside Landscape: On the south side of the river, the banks rise steeply to approximately 3 feet above water level before leveling off. Atop the bank, you’ll encounter a lush mesic hardwood forest with occasional clearings.
  • Underwater Exploration: Devils Ear Spring boasts an intricate underwater cave system, inviting adventurous divers to explore its hidden depths.


Devils Ear Spring is part of the privately-owned Ginnie Springs Resort, a popular destination for swimming, scuba diving, and especially cave diving. Convenient facilities are located nearby to enhance your experience.

Embrace the natural wonders of Devils Ear Spring, where the beauty of the Santa Fe River meets the allure of crystal-clear springs. Whether you seek underwater adventures or tranquil moments in nature, this destination offers an unforgettable experience.

Devil’s Ear / Eye Deaths

Tragic Incident in Devil’s Spring System: The Dive of Walter Smith

Devil’s Eye Tragedy: The Unfortunate Fate of Diver Carlos Fonseca

The Tragic Dive: The Mystery of Devil’s Den

Devil's Ear / Eye Florida map
Devil's Ear / Eye Florida map


How deep is Devils Ear Cave?

Devils Ear Spring Cave reaches a depth of about 173 feet.

What is the water temperature inside Devils Ear Spring Cave?

The water within Devils Ear Spring Cave maintains a consistent temperature, providing a comfortable environment for divers.

Is access to Devils Ear Spring Cave restricted or open to the public?

Access to Devils Ear Spring Cave is typically restricted, and it is advisable for divers to have proper training and permits due to its complex and potentially hazardous underwater cave system.

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