Ginnie Springs – Ginnie Spring USA

Ginnie Spring, a captivating natural wonder nestled within the privately-operated Ginnie Springs Outdoors resort, awaits your exploration. Located just 6.5 miles northwest of High Springs on the picturesque south side of the Santa Fe River, Ginnie Spring promises a serene escape into the heart of Florida’s pristine nature.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 29.83615, -82.70017
  • Depth: 60 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cavern, OW

Heading: Directions to Ginnie Spring

Finding your way to Ginnie Spring is a breeze. Follow these straightforward directions:

  1. Starting Point: Begin your journey from the junction of US 441/41 and US 27 in High Springs.
  2. Southwest Drive: Drive southwest on US 41/27 for a mere 0.8 miles.
  3. Turn Right: Turn right onto SR 340.
  4. Scenic Drive: Continue on SR 340 for 6.6 miles, taking in the scenic beauty of the surroundings.
  5. Turn North: Turn right onto a graded road, and travel 1.2 miles to reach the entrance of Ginnie Springs Resort.
  6. Arrival: Once you arrive, follow the road behind the office, then turn north at the bathhouse, and follow the path down to the enchanting Ginnie Spring.

Heading: Ginnie Spring Description

Ginnie Spring is a natural marvel that will leave you awe-struck. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Circular Oasis: The spring pool is a beautifully circular oasis, boasting a generous diameter of 90 feet and a central depth of 12.2 feet.
  • Crystal-Clear Waters: Clear, bluish waters gracefully flow from a cavernous vent hidden beneath a limestone ledge on the eastern side of the pool. During our visit in May 2002, there was no visible boil.
  • Natural Beauty: The spring’s bottom is a delightful combination of sand and limestone, with some aquatic vegetation adding to the natural charm.
  • Diving Delights: For diving enthusiasts, there are two scuba diving/swimming access platforms on the south side of the spring pool. The pool itself is surrounded by the tranquility of cypress and hardwood trees.
  • Flowing Into Santa Fe River: The spring run, approximately 35 feet wide and 3 feet deep, gracefully flows eastward for about 500 feet under a forest canopy, eventually merging with the Santa Fe River.
  • In the Heart of Nature: Both the spring and its run are located entirely within the river’s floodplain, providing an immersive natural experience. While the Santa Fe River appeared crystal clear during our May 2002 visit, it typically carries a tea-colored hue.
  • Cave Exploration: Ginnie Spring is renowned for its extensive cave system, extending well beyond the limestone ledge to the east and south. This complex network of caves spans approximately 1,100 feet of known passages, making it a popular destination for cavern diving. However, please note that a gate restricts access beyond the light zone for safety.

Heading: Utilization and Amenities

Ginnie Spring is an integral part of the privately-owned Ginnie Springs Outdoors Resort, which offers a comprehensive range of amenities and activities for visitors. Dive into adventure with open water and cave diving options, and relish the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Discover the allure of Ginnie Spring, where nature’s wonders and adventure blend seamlessly within the comfort of the Ginnie Springs Outdoors Resort. Plan your visit today!

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How Deep is Ginnie Spring Cave?

The Ginnie Spring Cave reaches a depth of approximately 60 feet in its central area, providing a unique underwater adventure for divers.

What is the Water Temperature Inside the Cave?

The water temperature within Ginnie Spring Cave typically remains constant at a refreshing 72-73°F (22-23°C) year-round, ensuring comfortable and enjoyable dives.

Is Cave Diving Experience Required to Explore Ginnie Spring Cave?

Yes, cave diving experience is essential for exploring the Ginnie Spring Cave. Safety is paramount, and divers should have the necessary training and certifications to navigate its intricate passages.

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