Grotta del Fico Italy

Witness a breathtaking entrance to the cave, reminiscent of entering an Indonesian Temple. Immerse yourself in the system with snow-white sand covering the bottom and inner walls forming pyramid-like shapes. As you ascend to the surface, discover a massive dry cave, and depending on the water level, navigate to the actual entry with caution due to its subtle underwater presence.

  • Region: Sardegna
  • Coordinates: 40.030881, 9.705467
  • Depth: 99 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Dive with Caution

This captivating cave features rapid changes in depth, urging divers to opt for a Nitrox blend. Approach the main line through a narrow tunnel, leading to a side tunnel that veers into the depths. Exercise caution as the main line guides you to an opening where the depth suddenly shifts from 8 meters to 23 meters. Avoid disturbing the sediment, as the cave walls are delicately coated with fine cave dust, posing a risk of silt out without perfect neutral buoyancy.

Complex Cave System

Protec Sardinia’s cave system is intricate, with shafts descending from 25 meters into sumps, adding layers of complexity. This mesmerizing underwater world is exclusively reserved for experienced cave divers. Equip yourself with both Back mount and Sidemount configurations for a comprehensive exploration of this captivating cave system.

Grotta del Fico Italy map


How deep is Grotta del Fico cave?

Grotta del Fico has varying depths, reaching a maximum depth of approximately 38 meters.

Is the water clear in Grotta del Fico?

Yes, Grotta del Fico is renowned for its clear waters, offering excellent visibility for cave exploration. Divers can enjoy the stunning underwater scenery and formations with impressive water clarity.

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