Hart Springs – Little Hart USA

While we’ve drawn insights from Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66, we invite you to embark on an extraordinary diving experience at Hart Springs, where every entrance offers unique conditions and unparalleled natural beauty.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 29.67574, -82.9517
  • Depth: 80 ft
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

Entrance Options and Guide Information

Dive with Confidence

  1. Little Hart Entrance: If you’re an experienced diver seeking a solo adventure, the Little Hart entrance welcomes you. No guide is required here, allowing you to explore at your own pace.
  2. Black Lagoon Cave Entrance: For those daring souls ready to venture into the cave via the Black Lagoon entrance, a certified guide is essential.

Guides and Gratitude

Our guides are passionate volunteers dedicated to preserving this natural wonder. They graciously offer their services without charge and do not anticipate tips. However, expressing your gratitude through a hearty meal or a refreshing beverage after your dive is a kind gesture.

Getting There

Seamless Directions

To reach Hart Springs effortlessly, follow these straightforward directions:

  1. Head northwest from Fanning Springs, approximately 6.5 miles.
  2. After crossing the Suwannee River on US 98/27A heading east, turn left onto SR 26.
  3. Drive approximately 1.4 miles to reach the picturesque town of Wilcox.
  4. In Wilcox, SR 26 takes a 90-degree bend to the right (east). At this bend, continue straight onto CR 232.
  5. Travel 4.1 miles and make a left turn onto CR 344.
  6. Continue for 1.6 miles, then turn right, leading you into the recreation area.

Diving into Nature’s Marvel

The Splendors of Hart Springs

As you explore Hart Springs, you’ll encounter the head of Hart Springs Run, where three merging spring runs converge. Notable features include:

  • The Middle Spring Pool: Measuring an impressive 51 ft north to south and 45 ft east to west, this pool boasts a depth of 19.9 ft over the vent. The water is crystal clear with a captivating greenish hue.
  • Prominent Boil: In the heart of the spring pool, a mesmerizing boil forms on the surface, created by the spring’s discharge.
  • Vent and Enclosure: The vent, a vertical limestone fissure with towering 15 ft walls, adds to the allure. A 4 ft high metal retaining wall encloses the nearly rectangular spring pool, extending southward to encompass the southernmost spring and its run.
  • Aquatic Abundance: Exotic aquatic vegetation thrives in the spring pool, while algae adorns the pool and the run. Additional aquatic plants grace the pool’s edges.

Flowing into the Suwannee River

Journeying through Nature’s Wonderland

From the swimming area, where the spring runs converge, Hart Springs Run gracefully flows northwest, covering approximately 850 ft before merging into the Suwannee River from the east. This pristine location is nestled within a lush forested river floodplain.

Ease of Exploration

A Wooden Wonderland

For your convenience, a 0.3-mile-long wooden boardwalk follows the north side of the spring run and the east side of the river. Footbridges elegantly traverse both the northernmost and main spring runs, providing easy access to the wonders that Hart Springs has to offer.

Complete Facilities

All You Need for a Memorable Visit

Hart Springs is situated within a county recreation area that offers comprehensive facilities, ensuring your visit is comfortable and enjoyable. Dive into the heart of nature’s beauty at Hart Springs and experience an underwater cave system that adds a touch of mystery to your adventure.

Hart Springs - Little Hart USA


How deep is Hart Springs Cave?

Hart Springs Cave reaches a depth of about 80 feet.

What is the water temperature in Hart Springs Cave?

The water in Hart Springs Cave typically maintains a refreshing temperature, but it can vary. It’s generally around 70-72°F (21-22°C), providing a comfortable environment for divers.

Is there any special equipment required for diving in Hart Springs Cave?

For diving in Hart Springs Cave, standard scuba diving equipment is necessary, including tanks, regulators, fins, masks, and buoyancy control devices. If you’re diving in the cave via the Black Lagoon entrance, a certified guide is also required for safety.

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