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Discover the captivating underwater world of Hodge Close Quarry, a former slate quarry nestled in the picturesque Tilberthwaite Valley near Coniston. Drawing insights from UKDiveGuide.com, this article unveils the fascinating history and allure of this unique diving destination.

  • Region: Lake District
  • Coordinates: 54.40661, -3.052965
  • Depth:
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

A Slate Legacy

Hodge Close stands as a testament to the slate industry’s legacy, positioned among several slate workings in the Tilberthwaite area. Once a bustling mine operational from the 19th century to the early 1960s, this disused quarry now beckons divers to explore its watery depths.

A Flooded Wonder

What was once an open pit quarry has now transformed into a submerged wonderland, with its waters extending to 150 feet. The quarry’s green slate walls create a dramatic backdrop, soaring 50 meters to meet the surrounding trees. The water’s maximum depth reaches around 28 meters, inviting divers to delve into its mysteries.

Underground Treasures

Within the quarry’s submerged embrace lie a network of tunnels and caverns, adding an element of exploration to the diving experience.

Access and Adventure

Reaching Hodge Close Quarry is an adventure in itself. Situated off the Ambleside to Coniston road, the quarry’s owners do not officially grant diving permission but do not prevent divers from using the site at their own risk. Access to the lower car park and tunnel is available for a fee of £4.00 per car at the house displaying the A-Flag in its garden. However, keep in mind that access to and from the water involves challenges. Divers navigate a semi-flooded tunnel and descend using a scaffolding ladder.

Elevated Beauty

Perched at a height of 155 meters above sea level, Hodge Close Quarry offers not only underwater exploration but also breathtaking elevated views of the surrounding landscape.

Planning for the Dive

For those seeking air refills, the nearest options include Kendal High St (approximately 1 hour away) or Capernwray dive site (about 50 minutes away), ensuring divers are well-prepared for their underwater adventures.


What is Hodge Close Cave in the United Kingdom?

Hodge Close Cave is a former slate quarry turned diving site located in the Tilberthwaite Valley near Coniston. It offers a unique underwater diving experience in a historic setting.

How can I access Hodge Close Cave for diving?

Access to Hodge Close Quarry is signposted off the Ambleside to Coniston road. While official diving permission might not be granted by the quarry owners, divers are allowed to use the site at their own risk. A fee of £4.00 per car at a designated house with an A-Flag in the garden provides access to the lower car park and tunnel entrance.

What should divers be prepared for at Hodge Close Cave?

Divers at Hodge Close Cave should be ready for challenging access. To reach the water, divers navigate a semi-flooded tunnel and descend using a scaffolding ladder. It’s also recommended to plan for air refills at nearby locations like Kendal High St (about 1 hour away) or Capernwray dive site (approximately 50 minutes away) for a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

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