Holmes Blue USA

Located on the west bank of the picturesque Choctawhatchee River, Holmes Blue Spring is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Here’s how to find your way to this tranquil oasis:

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 30.85167, -85.885847
  • Depth: 90 ft
  • Remarks: Ebro Blue
  • Type: Cave

Directions to Holmes Blue Spring

  1. Begin your journey by exiting I-10 at SR 279 and heading north towards Caryville.
  2. After traveling 1 mile, you’ll reach the intersection of SR 279 and US 90. Turn left (west) onto US 90.
  3. Drive for approximately 2.5 miles until you reach the intersection of US 90 and SR 179A/181. Make a right (north) onto SR 179A.
  4. Follow SR 179A for about 5 miles until you arrive in the community of Cerrogordo.
  5. In Cerrogordo, take a right (east) towards the river and follow the signs leading to the boat ramp, situated about 0.5 miles away.

Exploring the Spring

  • Holmes Blue Spring boasts a circular spring pool with a diameter of 30 feet, surrounded by the beauty of nature.
  • The spring’s vent is a deep, vertical, and steep-walled limestone opening, measuring a depth of 29.2 feet.
  • It is nestled within a conical, circular depression with clay banks that rise to a height of 8 feet.
  • Limestone formations are visible near the central vent, adding to the spring’s allure.
  • The waters of Holmes Blue Spring are renowned for their crystal-clear, bluish hue.
  • A continuous boil emerges over the vent, with water rising approximately 3 inches higher than the surrounding spring surface.
  • While you explore the spring’s bottom, you may encounter a few sticks and logs amidst the sand, clay, and limestone.
  • Interestingly, there is no aquatic vegetation within the spring or its run.
  • The short spring run, averaging 3 feet in depth, flows southeast for 150 feet before merging with the murky brown waters of the Choctawhatchee River.
  • It’s important to note that the water levels of the spring are closely linked to the fluctuations of the nearby river.
  • Enveloped by a forest canopy within the densely wooded river floodplain, Holmes Blue Spring retains its natural beauty.

Preserving Nature’s Beauty

  • Holmes Blue Spring remains in its pristine, undeveloped state, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the untouched beauty of nature.

This unspoiled paradise is a testament to the natural wonders that can be found within the heart of Florida. Explore, enjoy, and cherish the serene beauty of Holmes Blue Spring.


How deep is Holmes Blue Spring Cave?

Holmes Blue Spring Cave has a vertical opening with a depth of approximately 90 feet.

What is the water temperature inside Holmes Blue Spring Cave?

The water inside Holmes Blue Spring Cave is known for its cool and refreshing temperature, typically ranging between 50°F to 55°F (10°C to 13°C).

Is Holmes Blue Spring Cave open to the public for exploration?

No, Holmes Blue Spring Cave is not open to the public for exploration. It remains in its natural, undeveloped state, preserving its unique beauty and ecosystem.

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