Horseshoe Spring USA

While we draw inspiration from the Florida Geological Survey Bulletin 66, let’s embark on a journey to explore Horseshoe Spring, a well-kept secret on the stunning Gulf Coast of Central Florida.

  • Region: Florida
  • Coordinates: 28.39533, -82.68467
  • Depth:
  • Remarks: Private Propert
  • Type: Cave, Cavern

Location and Accessibility

Your Gateway to Serenity

Horseshoe Spring graces the landscape, nestled on private property, approximately 2.8 miles to the southwest of Aripeka, a charming coastal town. Located inland, about 0.8 miles east of Horse Island, this hidden gem awaits your discovery.

A Natural Masterpiece

The Horseshoe-Shaped Wonder

As the name suggests, Horseshoe Spring is renowned for its distinct horseshoe-shaped spring pool and upper spring run section. Here’s a glimpse of its natural beauty:

  • The spring’s emergence: Picture an elongated, curved fissure in the limestone, plunging to a depth of 16.6 ft and stretching 100 ft in length.
  • Beneath the surface: The spring bottom is a composition of limestone, adorned with a delicate layer of dark silt.
  • The aquatic ambiance: In March 2003, the water was noted for its tannic hue and slight turbidity, adding an element of mystique to the spring.

The Enchanting Spring Run

A Nature’s Path

The spring run begins its journey eastward, curving gracefully to the northwest, creating a slender peninsula of land that separates the upper spring run section from the enchanting spring pool. Along the uppermost part of the spring run, you’ll encounter numerous karst features, adding to the allure of the environment.

Nature’s Tapestry Unfolds

Landscapes and Biodiversity

As the spring run meanders northwest, it embarks on a scenic 0.8-mile odyssey, eventually merging into the picturesque Fillman Bayou. Here’s what surrounds this natural wonder:

  • Woodland wonders: To the east of the spring lies a pristine, heavily forested expanse, offering a haven for wildlife and serenity seekers alike.
  • Marshland vistas: On the western front, open marshland unfolds, showcasing the striking contrast between the lush flora and the vast, open skies.

Intrigued by nature’s finest work? Horseshoe Spring is your gateway to a world of breathtaking landscapes and aquatic wonders. Explore this hidden gem, and let its beauty captivate your senses.

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