Junee Cave Australia

Embark on an exploration of the “For Your Eyes Only” Resurgence, where frigid waters measuring a bone-chilling 6.5 degrees Celsius create a unique subterranean experience.

  • Region: Junee Florentine
  • Coordinates:
  • Depth: 213 ft
  • Remarks: Junee Cave State Reserve
  • Type: Cave

Initial Sump Dive

The first sump, with a depth of less than 20 meters and visibility ranging from 0 to 4 meters, sets the stage for an intriguing underwater journey. Venture through this submerged realm, encountering the enigmatic world beneath.

“For Your Eyes Only” Passage

Transitioning into the “For Your Eyes Only” streamway passage, discover the beauty of elongated ceiling straws, adding a touch of mystique to the underwater landscape. As you progress, the passage unfolds its secrets, inviting intrepid explorers deeper into the heart of the resurgence.

Second Sump Exploration

The second sump beckons those seeking greater depths, with divers plunging to an impressive 65 meters. The exploration culminates in a dramatic finale, reaching the terminus of the underwater adventure—a boulder choke that adds an element of mystery to the depths below.

“For Your Eyes Only” Resurgence promises a subzero escapade, with each sump dive revealing a new facet of this captivating underwater realm.

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