Kolimba Mexico

Many thanks to Lynne Flaherty for her overview of this system Access to the system is through a gate just a few hundred yards past the Grand Cenote entrance, but on the other side of the road. The key can be obtained at Xibalba; entrance was 150 pesos per person. There is a caretaker at the site who was present much of the day. There is one table, but no restrooms. Entry is via a set of stone steps leading to a clay slope, which gets a little slippery when wet, but not bad. The open water area is small. The main line comes out to open water, and is tied off on a stalactite somewhat on the right of the cave opening. The cave is small and winding and has a lot of minor restrictions, and a LOT of straight up and straight down. It’s very decorated and very pretty. Although we didn’t swim them, it is my understanding that most of the offshoot lines are sidemount only. It is a very doable dive on one stage, to reach the Box Chen cenote and return.

Thank you to Lynne Flaherty for providing invaluable insights into this remarkable cave system. Accessing Kolimba is a breeze; a short distance beyond the Grand Cenote entrance, a gate opens the door to your adventure on the other side of the road.

Getting In and Key Information

To unlock the mysteries of Kolimba, you can obtain the key at Xibalba. The entrance fee is 150 pesos per person, ensuring a fantastic experience. While you’re there, you’ll find a caretaker who is often on-site to assist.

  • Region: Quintana Roo
  • Coordinates: 20.25095, -87.46696
  • Depth:
  • Remarks:
  • Type: Cave

What to Expect

Kolimba welcomes you with a single table for your convenience, but there are no restroom facilities on-site. To begin your journey, you’ll descend through stone steps onto a clay slope. It’s a manageable path, but it can become a tad slippery when wet.

The Underwater Adventure

Once you’re in the water, you’ll find that the open area is relatively compact. The main line guides your way and emerges into open water, anchored to a stalactite slightly to the right of the cave entrance.

Kolimba’s Unique Charm

Kolimba’s cave is a mesmerizing labyrinth, characterized by its small and winding passages. Expect to navigate numerous minor restrictions and plenty of vertical descents and ascents. The cave’s adornments create a truly picturesque setting.

Exploring Further

While we didn’t explore them, it’s worth noting that most of the offshoot lines in Kolimba are designed for sidemount diving. You’ll find that a one-stage dive can comfortably take you to the Box Chen cenote and back.

Kolimba in Mexico offers a delightful and achievable underwater journey, inviting divers to discover its hidden wonders and unique beauty.


How deep is the Kolimba cave?

The Kolimba cave system features varying depths, with some areas reaching up to 170 to 175 feet (52 to 53 meters).

What is the water temperature inside the Kolimba cave?

The water within the Kolimba cave typically maintains a relatively constant temperature, which is comfortable for diving, at around 72°F (22°C) throughout the year.

Is sidemount diving required in Kolimba?

While sidemount diving is recommended for exploring most offshoot lines within Kolimba, it is possible to enjoy a fulfilling dive experience using one stage, allowing you to reach the Box Chen cenote and return.

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